Last updated 25 August 2008.

Good news! We have the final dates and location for the next Drupal conference (DrupalCon). It will take place on September 22nd to 23rd in Brussels (Belgium), alongside other fine events such as Euro OSCON 2006, GovCamp 2006 and BarCamp Brussels.

DrupalCon Brussels 2006 promises to be one of the most exciting DrupalCons ever. We can say that, because the first one was only one and a half years ago in Antwerp! The last event in Vancouver drew 150 Drupal participants amongst the OSCMS Summit attendees, with many packed sessions. Whether you are a Drupal professional or an enthusiastic user coming to find out more, we encourage you to join us in Brussels.

Now the dates are set and the venue is confirmed, we're ready to accept presentation proposals and registrations (and looking for additional sponsors). In order to organize the event, we setup a dedicated Drupal conference website at Read on for more information.

Call for presentations

It's time to materialize some of the ideas that came up in the call for suggestions. Based on the initial feedback, we decided to go with parallel tracks as outlined at -- there will be a user oriented track, a developer oriented track, and a third room for things which don't fit neatly into either. Lastly, there will be a dedicated "coding" room for work groups and general development work.

People that want to present should submit a presentation proposal (authentication required) at the conference website. The call for presentations closes on August 14, 2006, one week from today; we'll be finalizing the schedule the week of August 21st.

Call for sponsorship

While we have the basic costs of the conference space covered, we are still looking for several levels of sponsors. We'd love to offer our attendees coffee breaks, lunch and a t-shirt. Please use the contact form with the sponsorship inquiry selection to get in touch if you would like to sponsor DrupalCon.

Call for registration

Registration has opened. We can seat 130 people. Seats will be handed out on a first come, first served policy. To register, create an account at the DrupalCon website and fill out your user profile.


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I've logged in and setup some details using my drupal account from here ( I cant see any obvious place once signed in to show my interest in coming (apart from a T Shirt size...)

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it seems that signing in in the website is signing up for the conference. i had the same question.


bert boerland

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I think that needs to be made clearer! I dont want to miss out on this just because I didn't get the signup processes!

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i made an account on the site since i *might* be able to attend (depends on other travel plans for my day job), and just wanted to poke around as an authenticated user, not because i was definitely planning to attend. i certainly hope i can go, but i'd hate for someone else to be turned away just because i created an account but ended up not being able to attend myself...

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Maybe there should be a specific OPT IN type thnig in the profile?

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to all who registerd and are planning to come, see, edit your account and check "i will attend"

bert boerland

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Will there be a checkbox in the user accounts like "I went to DrupalCON Brussels 2006 and got myself a sexy 'Hello Drupal' T-shirt" ? :)

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I can't believe that the Drupal con was in Brussels in 2006. I was living there at the time.... It's certainly a lot closer than Boston is anyway....

Unfortunately I hadn't even heard of Drupal back then :)

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You also probably missed the fact that this thread is ages old!

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I'm sure that you all had a very interesting and good time there. When will the next one be?
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