This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This modules allows a Drupal site running the image module to overlay each image with a watermark.

The watermark is a PNG (24 bit) file with an alpha channel, but other formats may work.


  • Path for watermark is configurable.
  • The location of the watermark can be any one of nine positions (any combination of top, middle, bottom and left, right and center).
  • Can select which images to apply the watermark to (e.g. preview and _original, but not thumbnail.

New features!

  • Preserve original image type after watermark has been applied
  • Support alpha blending
  • Apply watermark only when a new image is uploaded, do not not apply watermarks twice!
  • Apply watermark on previews, too
  • Watermark can be scaled, percentage of image width and minimum width in pixels can be set.
  • Toggle: Exclude image nodes with specific gallery terms from watermark (needs image gallery)

Known Limitations:

  • Changing watermark settings does not work retroactive, watermark settings apply to new images only.
  • Saving image module settings "breaks" watermark settings, even if you did not change anything. That means watermarks disappear or apply to all image sizes, when the node or gallery is viewed.


This module requires no patches to Drupal nor image module.

It does require the PHP GD library to be configured by your host.

GD is enabled by default in PHP 4.3 and later, and can be added to earlier version if compiled in them. For more information see

The module was tested with with PHP 4.4.0 and PHP 5.1.2, but should work with other versions that had GD.


Extract the watermark module directory with all subdirectories and files into your modules directory. Enable the module on the admin/build/modules page. Then navigate to admin/settings/image_watermark to enable watermark processing for new image uploads.


Khalid Baheyeldin of

The author can also be contacted for paid customizations of this module as well as Drupal consulting, installation, development, and customizations.

New features developed by schnizZzla for

Scaling option initiated and port to 4.7 is done by michael curry (inactivist) of

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