I read the product homepage and wanted to know what the cost is. So I called Gigya. The sales team said that after the threshold is reached it is $15,000 per year which includes SLA and a bunch of other stuff.

So that puts the kabosh on me using this module for anything other than testing.

I currently have over 1000+ registered users so i would automatically be pushed over that limit even if I am not making any money on the site currently.


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Right now I am evaluating:
FB- http://drupal.org/project/fb
Twitter- http://drupal.org/project/twitter (version 3 has twitter log in)

Does anyone know another module which would handle logins for linked in or myspace. I think openid which drupal comes with can handle yahoo and gmail.

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And that is $15k for the first ip/url.
It is $5k for each additional one.

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Oh well, i've uninstalled it and will focus on a other modules, I just uninstalled fb connect but will put it back now - thanks for the link to the twitter one, i'm also looking into OpenID and OAuth - any other suggestions?

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Thanks for the info.
Going back to fb module.

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Thanks for this valuable info.. I was just about to use their service.

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Gigya, can you add this to the module homepage?

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Thanks for the skinny. i was in the process of installing this thing, and from the gigya.com page it was clear they intended to get paid for people using their stuff. No complaint there, but this is way too steep. I cannot think of any sort of web publishing with profit margins healthy enough to pay that kind of toll. Back to the "post it everywhere" module for me, though it seems to have no way to do MySpace or Yahoo.

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I have a hard time understanding this decision to charge $15,000 a year.
Obviously paying this is out of the question for non commercial and not for profit sites.
The contribution of people like azinck and evandonovan will be lost together with the testbed of users here and on Gigya's own forums.
Equally obviously, for good or ill, this is Gigya's call.

I have only messed with the code myself to integrate it with other drupal modules- added a gigya_getSessionInfo function, that kind of thing.
But I have a question.

The open source Gigya Socialize Drupal module is a wrapper for Rest calls to the Gigya api which themselves mirror some of the native Rest calls to the apis of providers like facebook and twitter (This is even clearer in the earlier versions before the GigyaUser:: object was introduced)

Those Gigya calls could be replaced in the module by the native calls on which they are based (maybe just for twitter and facebook at first)

A minority of calls do things that Gigya handles on its own.
For example, getting the twitter id of a non logged in user.
This information must be stored by Gigya surely.
In which case storing it in the Drupal installation can't be that objectionable
(and presumably users would be told how much the drupal site is storing).

So my question is;
What in principle stops the Gigya Socialize module being rewritten to use native Rest api calls and bypassing Gigya altogether?

Of course a far better resolution for everyone involved would be to leave Gigya free for noncommercial and not for profit sites.

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@socialNicheGuru, Have you looked at http://drupal.org/project/addtoany ? I haven't used it myself but the project pages says it includes many services.


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I don't begrudge anyone the desire to make money but the selection of 1000 members seems arbitrary.

I would suggest a tiered approach for sites that make revenue or a revenue share based on ads.

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Issue tags: +price, +gigya

This is very sad. Looking for another federated login module.

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Hi Guys,
Thanks for taking the time to comment with your feedback.
Gigya made the business decision to charge for the use of our services in order to provide a high level of service & support to our customers.
Gigya sees the Drupal platform as one of the most important & evolving content management systems available today, and as such we are investing heavily in the Gigya drupal module and even more behind the scenes (on our servers) to make this and other modules and API’s valuable add-ons for websites.
The open source community in general and the Drupal developer community specifically are a valuable source of feedback for us as we evolve our product & service (actual feature requests from the drupal community have been integrated into the core product). In return, we offer the Gigya service for free to drupal developers through the Gigya module for use in relatively small sites (up to 1000 unique members).
Feel free to contact us by email or open a discussion thread here with any question or suggestions.

The Gigya Team

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

I'm closing this to clean up the issue queue since it seems like folks have said what they want to say.

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Wow... Gigya is a very good thing, but $15000 above 1000 users is too much. Why not setting a proportional price or fee depending on the number of users? That would be a way to take Gigya to more people & not only to the big brands.
When I read about the $15000/year I thought: "It was too good to be true, maybe for a BIG project someday...".

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$15,000? I was just quoted $25,400 a year.

$1,700 a month and $5,000 setup fee.

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Please put this pricing information on the project page. This would be in the spirit of open source. I just wasted a lot of time on this.

Companies that do not publish their pricing are really poor. I don't understand what they are thinking. I just think less of them.

So, do the right thing and put this info on the project page. It is relevant, obviously.

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Btw, http://drupal.org/project/openid_selector seems like a good open source alternative that does not require a license.

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Should go on project's page...
Honestly, probably for the most of us, just installing the module is a waste of time. On the other hand, if you are just starting and need a quick solution this module is ok. But again: it should be stated on the project's page.

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Still no pricing on the project page. Someone should do something about this.

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Needs work

1000 free unique members PER CALENDAR MONTH, is something i can life with. The project where i use this isn't that huge.

I have one question tough:

2) Production use for non-commercial purposes, so long as not more than one thousand (1,000) unique member site users authenticate via the services in any calendar month.

Authenticate is a big word in this sentence. Do you mean login? Or do you mean login and connect to a service? So users who already registered trough drupal, and then connect there account to a service, does this also count as a +1 member authenticated via the services?

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I think the other "catch phrase" is

"so long as not more than one thousand (1,000) unique member site users"

as it is not clear to me if this means 1,000 users, or 1,000 authentications? I think authentications, so depending on the situation, like roving Users, a handful of Users could authenticate more than 1,000 times in a month.

Regardless, I am also disappointed that this is not detailed on the project page. It feels "slippery" to me.

I have not tried the "openid_selector" project mentioned in #18, but I have used both
and found them reasonably easy to use. I switched to /fb for the additional functionality it appeared to provided.

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You might want to look at JanRain Engage, who, coincidentally, also develops a Drupal module.



Engage is free for up to 2,500 unique users and $100/year for up to 5,000 users. There are more robust packages as well, such as the $1,000/year plan which allows you to white label it and have between 10,000 and 25,000 users.

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Harnesstech, the amount of users might be more, but gigya offers better specs for free users.

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For $10,000 I will personally go and invite your users at their door steps and include a complimentary box of chocolates

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The only reason I might be willing to pay these prices and the only time I can imagine it making sense is when your expecting an extreme amount of users right out of the gate which is fairly out of the ordinary. These prices are a bit much and completely ridiculous for sites with a relatively small user-base. I was quoted $6000 startup and $2100 a month (or $1700 with less features). I have no idea what they want $6000 for as my startup fee but it was mentioned that my price is higher since I plan on having a lot of sub-domains which is curious because I don't see how that would affect them. Seems sort of shady. I'll report back whether or not it was worth it if I do end up going with them.
Max Meents
(402) 370 - 6448

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I just installed Gigya module. Ran into trouble as it conflicts with oAuth required for Twitter. Thank god for that otherwise I wouldn't know Gigya charged such an exorbitant fee. It's a great service but not one I can part with $15,000 over. I'll stick with Facebook Connect and Twitter Signin.

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i like to learn more about this thread :))... nice and very very helpful... thank you all


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I just came back to check out Gigya for an upcoming project since I had experimented with it under D6 a while back. I'm glad I saw this post! I liked what I had seen in Gigya but can't justify those type of fees unless I already had a ton of users and money. But by then I will have adopted and gotten comfortable with a different solution.

I don't begrudge anyone making money, but for a site starting up this is to much. Some type of sliding scale where the cost went up as the utilization went up would make MUCH MORE sense.

Oh well ...

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The pricing is indeed quite high. Found another alternative that has it's own feature-set split into multiple products, which is much cheaper to start using, but it appears if you combined all the products of this competitor to match Gigya's features, probably looking at around the same cost.

I'd much rather see a wholly open-source solution personally...

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I would like to see "us" support Drupal for Facebook
I am using it on referendum.com
which is in D6 because /fb is not released for D7

Development could use lots of help, but there are lots of features and lots of good thought and effort has gone into it already.

If would seem crazy to me to invest money into Gigya when for price of only one website for one year ($15,000) you could probably fund a large part of the development for /fb.

I don't actually know much about the developer behind /fb or the costs, but what I have been able to use for free, thanks to their efforts, is pretty great.

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A good chunk of the development for "Drupal for Facebook"was funded by a Grant from the Knight Foundation which I believe has since run out. So sponsors would probably come in especially handy now ...

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You all bring up so many excellent points I agree that Gigya is often out of reach for many small websites since pricing is over $15,000/year. I ran into the same situation about a year ago when I was comparing Janrain and Gigya . I found that Janrain, smaller packages were more reasonable priced by lacked too many features, it didn't even offer Friend data. I really didn't want to pay Gigya's flat fee, so I found a more flexible affordable service in Lanoba. I hope this helps, the following is a link to the website;


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Up to 1k members and then you charge large fees? Hey gigya... for 4k ill have someone make 1k members on all your new users sites... You should post on your module page that this is a paid service with a trial and that you don't have set prices.

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This looks promising. It is a PHP Library for authentication through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, LinkedIn, FourSquare, OpenID and many other Identity providers.
It might take a bit of work to integrate it with your site though and it is still in Beta.

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Another option on Drupal.org


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There's not really anything actionable on this thread, as far as I can tell, and the last comment was over a year ago, so I'm closing this out.

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Does this service still cost so much?