I have created a node type 'Article', attached a view to each article that have path node/%.
I only have one taxonomy vocabulary 'Category' attached called to my 'Article'.
I have created a custom breadcrub for Views with the following config:
Views Path: node/%

This showed: Home » Category name » Article Title

The problem came when i added a second taxonomy vocabulary called 'Language' to my 'Article' and then the breadcrumb became: Home » Language name » Article Title.

How can i choose between the 2 taxonomy vocabulary terms? I want to switch back to my first breadcrumb.



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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Custom breadcrumbs taxonomy chooses the lightest vocabulary. Try reordering your vocabulary list at admin/content/taxonomy so Category Name is higher in the list than Language name. Hopefully this will fix the problem.

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MGN thanks, that worked.
I wonder if this have any logic to 'Custom Breadcrumbs': if i have 2 taxonomy vocabularies attached to my articles, will i ever be able to show terms from the both vocabularies in the breadcrumb using the tokens?

Thanks a lot!

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Category: bug » feature
Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

I think it would be straightforward to have an option to choose a particular vocabulary (or allow a subset of vocabularies) instead of always choosing the lightest vocabulary. At least when using the taxonomy hierarchy option. If you aren't using that option, you can already create individual breadcrumbs for a particular vocabulary.

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This would be helpful for me too.

N.B. my desired vocabulary WAS top of the list, but had always been so (the default Catalog created by ubercart). Changing the order around and then back again, then saving, seemed to fix the problem.

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I think I am having the same issues here, though the reordering vocabularies by weight didn't seem to do anything. I am running version 6x.2.0.rc1

I have a custom UberCart product class, and have created two vocabularies for the product class - shipping option, product type. On the taxonomy list page, the "shipping option" is positioned below "product type," meaning "shipping option" has a lower weight. But on the product page itself, the taxonomy vocabulary terms are being pulled from "shipping option." I want the vocabulary being pulled from "product type."

I have another UberCart product class, which only has one vocabulary assigned to it, and the vocabulary terms are displayed correctly in the breadcrumbs on its product page.

What could be the issue?

On a related note, I would also appreciate a way for admins to explicitly select (GUI/select list perhaps) which vocabulary breadcrumbs should be generated from when a content type has multiple vocabularies linked to it.