Installing Drupal on 1and1 servers.

As most first times (or first couple of times), installing Drupal wasn’t as easy as expected but it should have been if I was better prepared.

Now, I think I could do it in my sleep. ;-)

So the first thing you will need in a non MS hosting plan from 1and1. I have the Business plan, but any of the accounts should do. If you look at the comparison chart, they all do PHP and SQL.

Note: Yes I know you can do it under IIS, but I didn’t do it that way. In fact, Imoved to the Linux package from an MS one just to install Drupal

Now you need to download the latest version of Drupal from

Unzip, oops, untar the file to someplace in your hard drive like x:\drupal\drupal-#.#.#, but any place that you can get to (and remember) will be fine.

Now go to your 1and1 admin web page at and log in. You will need to create a SQL database. Make sure you are on the Administrator TAB and click the MySQL Administration icon.

Now create a new database by clicking the “New Database’ button. Give the database a description. Doesn’t really matter what you put here, just something that you will remember. I put the name of the site someone in this description, to easily identify it. Believe me, you will need it, especially if you are going to create more SQL databases.

Once you have a description, click the “Set Up” button.

1and1 will give you some info on the database it is creating. The info you will need is:

Database name: db#########
Host name:
User name: dbo#########
Password: ********

Notice that the numbers in database name and user name are the same, but user name adds the letter “o”.

Now, click on the “Go To Overview” button.

It might take a couple of minutes for the database to actually be created. Refresh the page a couple of times. You know the database was created when you see three button labeled: phpMyAdmin, Edit and Delete.

You need to load the scema (database structure?) that Drupal needs to work. To do that, just click on the “phpMyadmin” button. Another page will open.

On the left hand side of this page, under the icons, you should see the database name: db#########, click it.

You should now see a bunch of tabs on the top of main page. Click the SQL tab.

Do you see the “Browse” button? It is in between the 2 “Go” buttons. This is how you will add the schema, so click on the “Browse” button.

You need to find the database folder in the Drupal download. Should be something like x:\drupal\drupal-4.7.2\database. Select the file database.4.0.mysql and click open and now the second “Go” button. The data will be imported.

You are now done with this page, so close it.

FYI, I tried to use the database.4.1.mysql file assuming that it would be better, but got an error so I went with database.4.0.mysql.
Hopefully you are still on the MySQL Database Set Up and Configuration page on If not, get back there.
Instead of writing the database info down somewhere, just leave your browser open and to this page. You can cut and paste from here to prevent typos.

If you left the browser open, minimize it and go to the directory where the Drupal files are, you have to do some editing.

Find the settings.php file in the x:\drupal\drupal-#.#.#\sites\default folder and open it. If you don’t have a specific program to do this, and you are using Windows, WordPad works while notepad doesn’t.

Search for $db_url =

Change the line from this:

$db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename';

To this, using the info from above:

$db_url = 'mysql://dbo#########:******** db#########';

That’s it for this document, save it.

Note: The following isn’t necessary to get Drupal up and running, but if you plan on using “Clean URls,” it probably easier to do it now before you upload the files to the server.

Find the .htaccess file in the x:\drupal\drupal-#.#.# folder and open it. Again, wordpad seems to work best.

Search for: #RewriteBase /drupal

And change it to: RewriteBase /

That’s it for this document, save it.

Now, just upload all files and folders in the x:\drupal\drupal-#.#.# folder to the root directory of your server using your favorite FTP program. Make sure there are no index.htm* files in the root directory.

Open up your browser and go to your web page. With any luck, you should see the Drupal log on page. Create the first account, and enjoy Drupaling.


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I posted a couple of minutes ago about not being able to install Drupal. I saw your post and the missing tables and problems I had told me you just solved my problem. Did what you said and VOILA :-) So many thanks.

By the way, I host on Bluehost so it is the same idea just using the IMPORT button.

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Cool, glad it helped someone. ;)

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I believe I followed all your instructions carefully. I am installing 4.6.10 on 1 and 1.

I have set the database URL and modified the HTACCESS file.

I get this error when I log in and try to change the initial password to create a new one (I guess that's the first configuration page).

warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/15/d133223348/htdocs/wiki/sites/default/settings.php:1) in /homepages/15/d133223348/htdocs/wiki/includes/ on line 99.

warning: session_regenerate_id() [function.session-regenerate-id]: Cannot regenerate session id - headers already sent in /homepages/15/d133223348/htdocs/wiki/modules/user.module on line 829.

warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/15/d133223348/htdocs/wiki/sites/default/settings.php:1) in /h

Any idea where I went wrong? Wiki is the 1 and 1 destination directory name for the domain.

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I need to talk to you about building a Drupal website on 1and1.

Please contact me .



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Hey there,

Thanks for writing this up as I recently tried installing on 1and1 for testing purposes. I was just about ready to give up when I realized I just wasn't looking for answers in the right places. Good Show!

Nervous Reflex
testing Drupal at

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Thanks Felipe. I wanted to do a write up on using 1and1.
You saved me the trouble ;-).

I will however start looking into using 2 databases for one site due to 1and1's 100MB limit on MySQL.
If somebody's already doing that please post you're findings. I will report back on this eventually.


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Maybe we should contact 1and1 and asked them why such a small limit on there databases? Unless someone alreadyknows. I could do 50 databases, but I would be willing to give half of those up to get larger databases.

pcs305’s picture

I think the more people ask, the better, maybe they will listen.....
I'm not close to using my 100MB on my busiest drupal site. The Aggregated Items is the biggest user of MySQL storage. I have that on a second DB on a test site. Still a bug here and there but it's looking good.

pcs305’s picture

I've been with 1and1 for 3 years now. No problems at all. No downtime no server hickups.
They do have some quirky email name conventions but I can live with that.

The tech support is fast and professional. I've never had a problem getting a response and the times I called, there was a human helping me within minutes.

Felipe’s picture

I read that thread, interesting and informative. And maybe if I had read it before signing up with them I wouldnt of.

The only thing that concerns me is the small my sql limit, but rightnow I dont know how that will affect me.

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I've got a 4.6 site hosted by 1and1, and although I'm largely happy with the hosting, I'm having a problem with image and image_import: larger images are imported, but their thumbnail and preview images aren't created.

Since observing the problem, I've copied the site back to the dev. environment and confirmed that the problem doesn't exist there, so I suspect something's different at 1and1. I can't find the problem, though, even with the help of their tech support.

Does anyone have expereince with this problem, or with 1and1's php/GD intricasies? I could use some help! Thanks.

L. Allen Poole’s picture

Here are some notes on installing ImageMagick on your account:

theplaz’s picture

I use 1&1 too, but run MediaWiki ( I have the same trouble as you with thumbnailing. 1&1 limits you to 5% CPU usage for 5 sec on shared packages. In my experience that means you can only thumbnail about a MB of photos at once. That means any images over that will fail and gallery pages can only thumbnail about 5 200KB images at once. If you have thumbnail saving enabled, just refresh the page a few times and eventually all the images are done. I know this limit kinda sucks.


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I was going crazy trying to figure that out.

I was on the phone with 1and1 tech support for 20 minutes trying to figure this out. Not to mention a days worth of frustration.

Thank you.

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This is wonderful. Someone really need to pay attention to this post. A section in the forum should be created specifically for post like this. Can you imagine how benificial it would be to have a section that would explain exactly ow to get started on the various hosting sites. It worked like a charm.


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Thanks for taking time to post this information. Each hosting setup is unique... this saved me many hours. Just switched over to 1and1 and it was wonderful having this information at hand. Might be a good ideal to include stuff like this in the handbook.

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I would like to add that on my 1&1 hosting account I was getting internal server errors on the module and block administration page. Following these instructions helped....I dont know why.

By default Apache uses PHP4 for .php extension. If you dont want to rename all your
scripts to .php5 you can do the following:
Create a .htaccess file and place the following line AddType x-mapp-php5 .php in it.

This will tell Apache to use PHP5 instead of PHP4 for the extension .php in the
directory the .htaccess is placed and all sub-directories under it.

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Sorry, I didn't post at the right place, so here is a link to my problem with 1 and 1:

jrstmartin’s picture

Haaaaaa thanks soooooooooo much for the bit on "RewriteBase /" and clean URLs. I was ripping my hair out!!! :-)


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Thanks so much. Very easy to use walkthrough.

tripps73’s picture

This is an excellent walk thru that saved a lot of headache. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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I keep getting an internal server error, while trying to access my site. Any suggestions for what I could do. I followed the instructions to the letter but I can't seem to find the problem. Has anyone else come across this situation?

Thanks for your help.

The site is located at

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I'm on a 1and1 server and my uploads (upload module - "Attach a file") fail with "Internal Server Error":

  • My max upload file size is 1MB and the file I'm trying is well below that
  • Roles/Permission are good - I get this error with root too
  • I changed the folder permissions (./files) to 777

Still no luck. Please help.

jrstmartin’s picture

Images with a size of over 50KB get sketchy. Any image uploads of over 50KB you will probably receive an Internal Server Error. Text documents and similar are fine up to 1MB (that's what I have my limit set at). I tested with .txt .doc .xls etc... and everything was fine with those - it's just the images for some reason. I just put a note near the attachment box so users will know. That's the only solution I have right now.

Since I've seen some 1&1 bashing going on in this thread, I'd like to say that I believe 1&1 is good for the price. I think I'm paying like only $10/month for a Linux Shared Hosting Business Package. All the PHP settings are fine, MySQL uses a cache, database size limit is decent, SSL access. The only thing I wish they would offer is a PHP cache like eAccelerator (they do offer Zend Optimizer).

Sephir8th’s picture

I'm also getting Internal Server Error :(

I've noticed

"PhP5 - October 1, 2006 - 18:20

I would like to add that on my 1&1 hosting account I was getting internal server errors on the module and block administration page. Following these instructions helped....I dont know why.

By default Apache uses PHP4 for .php extension. If you dont want to rename all your
scripts to .php5 you can do the following:
Create a .htaccess file and place the following line AddType x-mapp-php5 .php in it.

This will tell Apache to use PHP5 instead of PHP4 for the extension .php in the
directory the .htaccess is placed and all sub-directories under it."

Maybe that will solve it, but can you please explain what you mean by "Create a .htaccess file and place the following line AddType x-mapp-php5 .php in it."??

I can only have 1 .htaccess file in the root directory.. so u you just add that line in the original file? Thanks Also if anybody got the Internal server Error resolved please share here thanks

theycallmepj’s picture

I've been ripping my hair out trying to figure out this Internal Server Error thing.....but adding that line to the .htaccess file fixed it all


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Hi, thanks for your tutorial. I tried to follow it for the newest 5.0 version, but things have changed. Can someone please help?!

kattrap’s picture

untar drupal5
move to your website
create db on 1&1 as stated above
go to website
enter in db information
--click advanced to change db host from localhost
create directory "/files" on root of drupal
login to 1&1 via ssh and follow crontab instructions below:
* type "crontab -e"
o The screen will probably have lots of ~ signs down the left side, perhaps even some existing Cron entries. The bottom line will say something like "/tmp/crontab......", differing for every time you use it
* Press "SHIFT & I" (letter i), the bottom line will change and say ' -- INSERT --'.
o You can now type things. Use the arrow keys to move around.
* Then on a new line type the cron job commands, EG type "00 * * * * /usr/bin/wget -O - -q h ttp://"
* When you have finished, press the escape key. You'll notice the '-- INSERT --' has disappeared from the bottom line
* Type ":w" to write the file ONLY IF YOU ARE HAPPY YOU HAVE TYPED IT CORRECTLY, if you are not, type ":q!" to quit from crontab without changing anything, then start again.
* Type ":q" to finish. If you wrote the file you should get a message like 'crontab: installing new crontab' and you know it's worked.
(from )

At least, it looks like that is working. Should help others get started at least...

Also want to pipe in and say I've got no gripes with 1&1. I deal with a few other (small) hosting companies that are 10-times worse than any poster has said about 1&1. Ever had your website (and every website hosted on a server) defaced? Does your email routinely bounce because your hosting company likes to send out spam? DNS resolution failures for hours at a time? Just saying that there are worse places to be for the same (or more) $$.

caddymob’s picture

I figured it out, through a different thread, but thought I would post here for anyone who may be having the same issue.

The problem is 1and1's website builder. If you have this running, you will need to remove it in order for drupal 5.0 to work. Once I did that, I was off to drupaling.

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If it is worthy to discuss how to install Drupal on a web hosting, that hosting is definitely trash, especially in USA.

These days competitions in hosting market are very violent, so there should be no any problem for installing any PHP+Mysql based hosting, if the hosting is qualified. This is a minimum requirement for a hosting service these days.

SO, it is a little ridiculous for this post to appear here, since the post itself shows 1and1 sucks. (I don't mean anything to the author, he should be appreciated for helping others.)

I used hosting for several years and recently I am considering transferring to cheaper 1and1. Now I give up this plan.

BTW, I never had problem in installing any CMS on, including drupal. However, I hate that does not provide phone support, even though their email and forum support is so so..... But their hosting rocks! (also a little expensive than others.)

pcs305’s picture

I have been with 1and1 for 3 years now. No problems whatsoever. I installed Drupal using the install.txt instructions. No problems. I have several sites running live right now thrue 1and1.
Saying that 1and1 sucks because of this one post makes no sense.

I highly recommend 1and1.

bacchus101’s picture

I am assuming that everyone that has Drupal working has the mail functionality working?

My drupal install will not send me registration emails or contact emails. It says in the log it is sending but I do not get the email. Trying to use the smtp.module opens another can of worms.

I had everything working fine until I ported over from freehostia to 1&1.

Did you have to do anything special to get it to work??

cgjohnson’s picture

Total newbie (at least with installing). I'm trying to install drupal 5 and I don't see a /database/ folder -- anyone have info on which file to put into the mysql tab?


pcs305’s picture

Read the "INSTALL.mysql.txt" file and follow the instructions there. I don't think Drupal 5 comes with a sql file to manually load the mysql db. You just create the db with the proper grants and at installation time Drupal will populate the DB for you.

Hope it helps

jawbonin’s picture

This is great, Took me a moment but worked like a charm!

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This recipe does not work for Drupal 5.1 as I have not been able to find the database schema file to upload in 1and1 myphpadmin

pcs305’s picture

With 5.1 you don't have to manually run the database install. The installation process will ask you for the database details.

Create your database using the 1and1 panels, note the database name, password and host name. Then when you get to the database definition page on the Drupal install panels, click the "Advanced" option and fill in the database details there.

If it is correct the Drupal install will create all the tables for you.

garg_art’s picture

Many thanks pcs305......

I did an install on my local machine behind the firewall and it went like a charm. The first time I did it magically worked. I wanted to have access from outside and since I could not make 5.1 work on 1and1, I installed 4.7 with one minor change in addition to what is written above:

in the settings.php, I changed

$base_url = 'http://localhost'


$base_url = ''

Otherwise I was receiving 404 not found beyond the home page as it changed url in the address bar to http://localhost/?q

In an intranet install, there was no Drupal install panels presented to me. I am a newb, so please be kind.

Much appreciate it.

garg_art’s picture


May be I am dumb, but I think it will help to clearly say that above recipe is not applicable for 5.1 Install as 5.1 install process is revolutionary.

For 5.1 Install, create the Database
Ignore loading the SQL schema
ignore making the changes to settings.php
ignore making changes to .htaccess

Just load vanilla 5.1 files with chmod 0777 settings.php

When first time visiting your domain, the system will present a panel where all this information will be collected by Drupal installer.
Remember to click advance to check some applicable settings just to be sure (Like for 1and1, this is where one will add the host name for database)

The installer will chmod settings.php, after what may appear to be a long wait.

Close browser, open again, and Voila - drupal install is easier than installing any known software, I have encountered before. Guides are great here but could get better, if this was not open source (free speech) and had someone policing around on the content.

Hats off to developers and maintainers of Drupal. You guys are living proof of potential to transform anything....

Anil Garg

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You shouldn't use 1and1, too many problems on all my websites hosted on 1and1.

No problem with my websites on DREAMHOST.

icemantaz’s picture

need some help here. i have followed the steps in the guide above but keep getting this screen

i have checked the login details etc and they are all correct. does anyone have any suggestions?


pcs305’s picture

Did you change the Advanced database info?

Because the MySQL db is on a different server you have to complete the Advanced options at install time.

Felipe’s picture

Me again,

I installed (not an upgrade) Drupal 5.x on 1and1.

So much simpler, but you still have to update .htaccess if you want to use Clean Urls.

1. Goto the 1and1 control panel and start the sql database creation.
2. Download and extract the latest Drupal release.
3. If you want to use clean urls, change .htaccess:
Search for: #RewriteBase /drupal
And change it to: RewriteBase /
That’s it for this document, save it.
4. Upload/FTP the entire contents of the Drupal folder your 1and1
5. Go to said web site, and click advance. Cut and Paste the info from the hopefully complete (if is isnt, wait until it is) sql database.
6. viola.

Couldnt be any simpler.

1and1 still is beiing cheap with their sql size.

papageod’s picture

How can you install the cron jobs in 1and1 shared host?

pcs305’s picture

They have a tutorial that shows you howto. Basically you just do a "crontab -l" to see what you have or "crontab -e" to edit your cron settings.

Felipe’s picture

why would you need this?

what does it bring to your site?


DiskoVilante’s picture


I installed the Clean URL module and had mod_rewrite on, but when I ran the Clean URL test it kept giving an error.

This: Find the .htaccess file in the x:\drupal\drupal-#.#.# folder and open it. Again, wordpad seems to work best.

Search for: #RewriteBase /drupal

And change it to: RewriteBase /

Fixed it for me!


jurgenhaas’s picture

Thanks guys, both tutorials worked like a charme: setting up the cron as well as getting cleanURLs to work is just perfect.

And also, let me say that I have no issues with 1and1 either. Only once in 12 months was the server down for a couple of hours and that was a hardware failure. That can happen elsewhere too. For everything else I always use their helpdesk by phone and usually get pretty good support fro qualified people. I've seen worse ISPs, that's for sure.

ebestagent’s picture

Thank you~ Felipe~
I successfully install Drutal 5.2 on 1&1 web hosting.
1&1's MySQL database is limited to 100mb.
I honestly don't know it's enough space for my blog or not.
Let's see what happens.
I'm using WordPress and trying to migrate to Drupal.
Wish me luck~!!!

Felipe’s picture

even though i created two site on 1and1 servers, i never use the first one long enuf to find out what issues the 100mb limit brings up.

you would think someone would of mentioned it by now, if they left 1and1 because of it.

the second site should be used more, so i should have a better gauge on it.

now if only i could figure out how to mass import images in acid free.

clockwood’s picture

It's worth noting that for 1and1 shared hosting the "RewriteBase /" is required (for doing clean urls), while it does not seem to be for their dedicated/managed hosting. I was tearing my hair out trying to set up a test drupal site on my shared account using the drupal data from my dedicated server.

Thanks for the tip!

yozz’s picture

Thank you for the "RewriteBase /" tip.’s picture

Hey everyone,

I have just moved a site from my dev server over to my Client's machine and ran into the clean url issues that are posted here. I followed the suggestion of changing the RewriteBase to just / and it 'kind of' worked. Here is what is happening...

The dev site has been set up here:

Originally, without the RewriteBase fix, I would get 'error 500' errors everywhere but the front page...
After including 'RewriteBase /', I would get directed to the main site for any pages other than the front page...
The url would still be, however it was showing me

So, I changed the .htaccess file so that it had the following:
RewriteBase /dev
This seemed to work great, I was able to see the proper page...
Unfortunately, if I tried to go to, I would get the 'Error 500' screen again...

I also tried:
RewriteBase /dev/
In case that trailing / was the key...
But of course it wasn't...
Had the same effect as just the /dev...

So, does anyone have any suggestions or perhaps know how to make this all work inside a subdirectory?

Erik’s picture

I did the basic 5.3 setup with the htaccess modification for clean urls with no problem, but I just want to add one more thing. This is a no-brainer but was driving me a crazy in that I couldn't remove /drupal from the (i.e. the site only works as It was all because I ftp-d the whole drupal file and all the contents instead of all the files inside the folder individually. I have never done this before and I know it's a stupid mistake, but if I did it I'm sure somebody else has.

JacksUsername’s picture

Sorry to resurrect the thread, but I've been having problems with the database configuration.

I have created a mysql database through 1&1, and jotted down all the information. I created the database for install through myphpadmin, and when I get to the database configuration element in the Drupal setup, I keep getting an error message.

After typing in my Database name, username, and password in regular, and including the Host name provided by 1&1 in the advanced options, I click save configuration.

I'm greeted with the following message:

Failure to connect to your MySQL database server. MySQL reports the following message: Unknown MySQL server host '' (11004).

The MySQL that I created at 1&1 has a status of ready, so I'm not too sure what my next step should be.

Any help would be appreciated, and I apologize if its a basic question, I tried to do a search for the 11004 error and didn't get any results that helped remedy my current problem. Thanks again.

toriganthe’s picture

did you change your db url in settings.php?

toriganthe’s picture

I don't have a lot of experience working with databases. I recently installed D6 on 1and1. As some of you know 1and1's database limit is 100MB.( I have 10 databases) From my calculations I will be needing more space than the allocated 100MB of one database.

How do I make use of all the space(database) that has been provided to me or say how do I add another database to work with drupal? Is there an efficient way of handling this. I am aware of the Schema API, but I was not able to grasp the entire functionality of this module.

Any help is appreciated.

DrupalValueHosting’s picture

Hi toriganthe,

100MB limit can be adhered to on your production site make sure you:
1. disable Access logging
2. disable Watchdog module, as they can rapidly grow up into astronomical sizes.
3. If you have a medium traffic or low content site, disable caching as well.

That would ensure that you stay within the 100MB limit.

PS: frankly, 100MB limit for DB is quite funny though!


markIllinois’s picture

Felipe's instructions say to upload the Drupal files and folders into the root directory of the server. To keep Drupal separate from other things on the server, could the Drupal files and folders be uploaded into a /Drupal folder instead of into the root directory? What are the advantages/disadvantages of this approach? What would have to be done differently? This 1and1 shared server will be hosting several Drupal websites.

Another question: Which version of Drupal is currently recommended for a 1and1 shared server? The current Drupal versions are 5.7 and 6.1. (6.1 fixes a security vulnerability in 6.0.)


pcs305’s picture

You can change the destination for the domain by going to the domain overview panel in your 1and1 control panels. Change the destination for the domain to a directory their. You can also create the new directory from that panel if it does not already exist.

It is better to have the drupal install in its own directory. This will enable you to have subdomains pointing to other drupal installations or websites.

I've not installed drupal 6 on 1and1 but can't see a reason why it will not work. Make sure you use MySQL v5 and PHP 5. PHP 5 support you can add by adding AddType x-mapp-php5 .php to your .htaccess in the drupal install root.

Hope it helps.

markIllinois’s picture


markIllinois’s picture

Has anyone installed Drupal 6.1 on a 1and1 server recently? I'm trying to install on a 1and1 shared server using Felipe's instructions as above in this thread. But the situation for 6.1 seems to differ somewhat.

I'm at the step after Felipe says "You need to load the schema (database structure?) that Drupal needs to work." Felipe says "You need to find the database folder in the Drupal download. Should be something like x:\drupal\drupal-4.7.2\database. Select the file database.4.0.mysql and click open..." But the 6.1 distribution does not have a "database" folder. Instead it has several files in the "includes" folder named:

Am I supposed to use one of these? If not, then what? Of course I also could have gotten off the right track somewhere.


pcs305’s picture

Theoretically you only need to copy the Drupal 6.1 files into the webroot where you need it, then point your browser there and the Drupal installation script should take over.

After choosing the language the Database Configuration panel should show up, Complete the form with your 1and1 database information and make sure you select "Advanced" towards the bottom of the Database Configuration panel and enter the Host information for your database.

That will prepare the database for you.

Hope it helps.

garg_art’s picture

I have installed 3 instances:

It worked like a charm...

I used the 1and1 provided phpmyadmin in its control panel to create a blank database (I chose MYSQL 5.0 instead of 4.0)
noted down: database name, user name, password, and the host address which is in format

created a subdomain pointing to a new directory
unzipped Drupal 6.1 into that directory
went to sites/all and created subdir themes and modules
unzipped my 6.1 compatible themes and modules which i downloaded from drupal website
edited .htaaccess to force PHP5.x usage with following "first line" in it...

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

Around line number 95 remove the commented # char and enabled:

RewriteBase /

saved the file back

pointed my browser to and followed the prompts (there are hardly anything to do from there....)

You are done from there.

Good luck.


andylou17’s picture

where can i find this file? i only have an empty root?
how can i access to htaccess?

i am trying to install drupal, it gives me this error:

register_globals is enabled. Drupal requires this configuration directive to be disabled. Your site may not be secure when register_globals is enabled. The PHP manual has instructions for how to change configuration settings. (Currently using PHP register globals Enabled ('1'))

I need your help pls

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Drupal has its own htaccess file, and it will be in the directory that you installed Drupal into. As for register_globals, are you on a 1and1 shared server? If so, it SHOULD be off as is. If not, you can try adding a php.ini file (create a text file with notepad and name it that) that says register_globals = Off and place it into your Drupal directory.

Just to be sure, when you say that you only have an empty root, you mean your 1and1 webspace is totally empty? If so, you should create a directory for your website, then go to your domain controls, check in the box beside your domain, press the Destination button, change the destination to point to the directory you created, and THAT's where your Drupal files, htaccess and php.ini should go.

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I've just uploaded my first drupal site to 1and1 hosting, but it's having obvious problems - clean urls dont work, and the index.php file is not loaded by default (i have to add it to the url)
you can see it at (incidently, is not yet drupalized, only the pfa subdomain)
Also, there seems to be some css problems after uploading it...

Any comments? I've aggregated all the suggestions above, and will try them all:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA]

#commenting out the 
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c> 
#line makes clean urls work perfectly.

#Simply change the following line:

RewriteEngine on


RewriteEngine ON

RewriteBase /

#(add path to drupal directory if not in base)


RewriteEngine on

#By default Apache uses PHP4 for .php extension. If you dont want to rename 
#all your scripts to .php5 you can:
#Create a .htaccess file and place the following line
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
# in it.

#6 - problematic for some, others swear by it
#Search for: 
#RewriteBase /drupal
#And change it to: 
RewriteBase /

Did I miss anything?

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There is a new guide for 5.7, I suggest everybody with that version go to this thread:

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i haven installed 3 instances of drupal 6.1 on 1on1 servers without any problems. the only thing was, i had to modifiy the php.ini to 16M. After that i just ran the install.php, inserted the database data and installation was without any problems until i
....... updated to 6.2. Now i have some big problems installing modules. Becasue i get this damn server 500 error when i ry to access navigation menu or the modul pages after i have installed a couple of modules. I have no idea where that comes form., but it sucks.

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Does anyone have any specific instructions for installing 6.2 on 1 and 1? I noticed the previous post indicated that you have to change PHP.ini. How do you do this ?

I am a newbie and would appreciate any tips. 1and1 was not helpful, I had to explain Drupal to the helpdesk rep. :-(


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Add, I believe:

memory_limit 16M

to a text file and name the file php.ini then upload it to your main directory.

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Thanks for your help, It worked

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took me a while but the update for 6.8 installation using is that when drupal asks for database information, be sure to unhide the advanced options and fill in the host name and port number that 1and1 gives you after creating a db in 1and1's own MySQL administration.

you also have to make the same corresponding changes in your drupal file, /sites/default/settings.php where the code says, mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename.

i did those two things and was able to get passed the database setup portion of the install.

hope this helps someone!

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Somebody still really hosts his sites on 1and1 ?! The worst hosting company ever met...

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""You need to find the database folder in the Drupal download. Should be something like x:\drupal\drupal-4.7.2\database. Select the file database.4.0.mysql and click open and now the second “Go” button. The data will be imported.""

Looking throught he 6.9 files i see some in the /includes/ folder but receive numerous SQL errors attemptign to open and run them.,,
#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '<?php
// $Id:,v 1.89 2008/01/24 10:46:54 goba Exp $

' at line 1

How do I make it past this step?

Also, I tried granting the db owner access with the syntax in the INSTALL.mysql.txt file and it returned as access denied.

Is this an issue with 1and1 and running on a served host?

I have other general HTML sites with 1and1 and this just seems like a major hassle with dealing wit hem.
1and1 email support doesn't seem to actually provide an answer to my question, but offer only vagueries as a reply to my requests.
I would hate to call them because I really don't know what questions to ask and what I need to justify my claims for better access.