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Release info

Created by: xjm
Created on: 17 Mar 2010 at 18:53 UTC
Last updated: 17 Mar 2010 at 18:55 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This release includes numerous bug fixes, performance improvements, and documentation improvements, as well as one new feature to make administering taxonomy hierarchies easier.

Bug fixes

Multiple bugs that prevented node access from being updated properly following permission and taxonomy changes have been fixed. Administrative functions have also been refactored to reduce unneeded and duplicate queries, so large sites in particular should see a noticeable improvement in performance.


The documentation on the module help page has been improved, as have instructions in README.txt, INSTALL.txt, and UPDATE.txt. Some help has also been added to the administration form itself.

New feature

You can now recursively add child terms with a parent term on the administration form:

  1. Go to the Taxonomy Access Control administration form for a particular role at admin/user/taxonomy_access/edit/X.
  2. Select a term from the drop box under New.
  3. Check the box labeled with children underneath the select box.
  4. Before you click Add, configure the permissions that the term and all its children should have (for View, Update, etc. to the right).
  5. Click Add. The term and all its children will then be configured with those grants.
  6. You can then adjust any specific terms' permissions as you normally would. Click Save all when you are done.

Known Issues

  1. Freetag vocabularies

    Currently, Taxonomy Access Control does not work properly with vocabularies that have the Tags option enabled (under Settings on the vocabulary edit page). If you would like to see this fixed, please help with the following issues:
    #676176: Caching in tac_db_rewrite_sql results in duplicate tags for freetaging vocabularies
    #198773: Free tag vocabularies do not respect TAC and may cause duplicate term insertion

  2. "Page not found" instead of "Access denied" on restricted term pages

    When a user does not have List permission for a particular term, visiting the term page at taxonomy/term/X will result in a "Page not found" (404) error rather than "Access denied" (403). This may also result in links to these term pages appearing in menus even though they are not accessible. This is actually due to an issue in the Drupal core taxonomy module (and affects other modules in addition to Taxonomy Access Control). You can help fix this by contributing to the following issues:
    #311649: "Page Not Found" error for all non-accessible term pages
    #679308: inaccessible nodes still listed in menus? (drupal 6)

Complete Changelog

  • #742336 by xjm: Comment cleanup & trailing whitespace removal.
  • #742072 by xjm: Changed submit handler to skip node updates if only create or list permissions have changed for the row.
  • #732844 by xjm: Refactored submit handler to process nodes all at once (rather than per row).
  • #739874 by xjm: Fixed role handling to update nodes that are controlled by a role's global or vocabulary defaults when the role is disabled.
  • #739732 by xjm: Fixed _taxonomy_access_get_nodes_for_vocabulary() so that node access is properly updated when a vocab default is added.
  • #727648 by xjm: Fixed admin form to insert global default on role enable. (See comment 10.)
  • by xjm: Properly escape data in queries.
  • #727648 by xjm: Fixed admin submit handler for default changes. Changed submit handler to only process updates for changed rows.
  • #488436 by dman, LUTi, xjm: Code cleanup.
  • #729644 by halcyonCorsair: Check for variables correctly before use.
  • #730258 by xjm: Improve help page, add documentation to configuration forms.
  • #723898 by xjm, keve: Update nodes properly on term or vocabulary deletion.
  • #727648 by xjm: Whitespace cleanup in taxonomy_access_admin_form_submit().
  • #256669 by xjm: Renamed _user_roles() to _taxonomy_access_user_roles().
  • #689668 by mr.andrey, xjm: New feature: Option to add child terms with parent term on administration form.
  • #723668 by xjm: Added implementation of hook_schema().


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