Release info

Created by: sun
Created on: March 16, 2010 - 21:35
Last updated: March 16, 2010 - 21:40
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-0:

  • #325613 by sun: Code clean-up.
  • #324631 by sun: Fixed typos in settings form.
  • #327648 by sun: Changed location of admin settings to admin/build/menu/trails.
  • #159705 by Sutharsan, sun: Fixed PHP notices if Taxonomy module is not enabled.
  • #327687 by sun: Fixed PHP notices.
  • #363244 by Sutharsan: Fixed parsing error in .info file.
  • #364717 by drewish, sun: Fixed PHP notices.
  • #331870 by Starnox, acstewart, noahb: Fixed breadcrumb contains all sub-links of an expanded link.
  • #379952 by crischan: Fixed missing db_query() table prefix placeholder for OG.
  • #425712 by michaek: Fixed breadcrumb contains ancestors of the current page.
  • #328517 by eojthebrave, sun: Fixed README.txt (about theme override function).
  • #430282 by eojthebrave, sun: Fixed typo in PHPDoc.
  • #340725 by dynamind, chris.cohen: Added Views integration.
  • #344853 by sun: Fixed breadcrumb contains "array" in certain cases; Updated theme_links() override with current Drupal core code.
  • #364717 by sun: Fixed some more PHP notices and proper usage of t().
  • #368071 by sun: Fixed all slashes stripped from Pathauto tokens.
  • #368074 by sun: Fixed token values not generated for nodes without menu item.
  • #430290 by eojthebrave, sun: Added parent item selection from any menu.
  • #547634 by eojthebrave, sun: Fixed wrong node parent assigned via taxonomy term.
  • #632070 by sun, nemchenk: Fixed first group removed from $node->og_groups.
  • #630290 by grendzy: Fixed views integration ignores global breadcrumb setting.