I received this error after following your installation instructions - after looking in the reference_links.inc file i see that it is in fact referencing 'take_control' in several places - which I believe is your other contributed module.

I do not have that module installed - nor the directory it seems to be referencing. Is that module a pre-requisite? or is this simply something that needs to be cleaned up? The references in the .inc file begin on line 37



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Hi, I just dont believe this. Completely messed up files from 2 different modules. Thanks for pointing this out. I have fixed this, and created a new release for the module. Please verify that the issue has been resolved.

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The new release seems to have corrected that code issue - however now experiencing something quite odd.....

I have enabled the module - visited the settings page and selected - or rather de-selected some content types since they are all selected by default - but after i save the settings all checkboxes are empty and nothing changes on the content types selected.

I will uninstall again and start over and see if that corrects the new issue.

What should appear visually on the selected content types for users with permission(s)?

I tried both an uninstall and re-install and update - neither worked. I cannot get any content type to remain 'ticked' on the settings page and subsequently and obviously - nothing happens.

No errors reported - not sure exactly how to help figure out what is causing this. Of course, if no one else experiences this than I suppose it really doesn't matter. :-(
Though, it does sound like it very well might achieve something I have been trying to figure out how to achieve. If I discover something else I will report it.

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758 bytes

I think I should better take a break here. I have left some ridiculous issues here. Here's a patch for a single word mistake in reference_links.admin.inc. I will wait sometime before committing anything to the CVS right now.

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It happens. I will try the patch.

Do you personally have a working instance of this module somewhere? I'd really like to see what it is supposed to do and how it does it.


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The patch worked just fine. Thanks

I can see a few use cases for this module....mine is really to allow organic group members to reference existing nodes easily (non-og nodes) in their Group Posts and effectively broadcast them to the group. I have over 60,000 posts so 'discovery' is a big issue.

Some things come to mind right away -

1.) Voting API - I do not use fivestar - I use another module - so perhaps you could find a way to allow your module to use other modules that utilize the Voting API.

2.) Add a submission form field for content types so that a node could be created and a reference link added all at the same time.

3.) Add a link for selected content types that would allow the user to reference the link somewhere else - perhaps if you added #2 this link could fire the create content page and then pre-populate the reference link field in an add new node form.....hmmmm thats a lot of complicated steps but you see where I am going.

I think for sites with a lot of content - of varying types - this provides the foundation for allowing users to share/discover content they may have missed.....

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Great ideas... I was thinking about the future of this module, and some of your ideas would be cool to implement.

Although I was not too sure about you could find a way to allow your module to use other modules that utilize the Voting API. this module really requires Voting API, and none else (i.e. it has no other dependency). I gave serious thoughts to implement this as a CCK field, but then just dropped the idea for some issues that I thought would be hard to resolve.

Do you mean other modules would like to access the ratings for the links created by this module? If yes, they can easily do so via the Voting API itself, just pass "reference_links" as the content type. Moving forward, if you can explain it better (or maybe I can understand this better), I might expose public API for the ratings given to links.

I think I understand your other requests. Basically, you want cross-referencing easily. I dont think what you have suggested is a user-friendly approach. I would think over it, and would try to figure out a way where nodes on the same site can be referenced more meaningfully.
An immediate idea that came to me was this:
Do you think it would be useful if can turn the Title textbox of the "Add Link" window to suggest similar titles in a drop-down from the same site as user types into the textbox?

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Like i said - I think there are a lot of possibilities here.

As for the Voting API - I do use it - but rather than fivestar I use plus1. The reference Links seem to default to fivestar - or at least it looks just like it. So opening this in the settings would be great. Then all voting methods across the site would match.

I think your immediate idea is pretty good - but I think the challenge there might be determining what 'similar' actually is. But it would be very nice if you could.

So for me - what I am thinking is something like this - I belong to User Group A - I can post group nodes there - I am checking the newest posts on the global site and come across one that I think my group would really like - I click Reference This Page - and a new group post is created with a pre-populated Reference Link from the original post. Then of course others could add more Reference Links......and so on.

I realize that is a much wider use than the original intention - but it seems like the current module is at least halfway there!

I am going to play around with it some more this evening and if I find any more issues I will post them.

Thanks for the module and quick responses!

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Hi icametoplay, I have made a couple of more changes to the module code. So, I was thinking if you can please test these, before I actually commit them. Please note that you might need to again specify the admin config for this module after applying these patches.

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Hi icametoplay, I think you should be interested in the Change Log for the next release of this module here:

I was thinking if you would be able to assist me in beta-testing the new release before I actually create it, it would be great and avoid any typos as it had been before.

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Hey - sorry I have been buried with something else unrelated - but sure glad to help out. Just let me know what I can do......

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Hi icametoplay, thanks for volunteering forward to help me in testing. Attached is what would be released as 6.x-1.2 version of this module. Barring any issues you find, the code is ready to be released as the next version.

Please check out the Admin section for new configuration options, then check out the Permissions for new permissions available, and finally the module against multiple nodes.

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No problem. I will run through it today and report anything I find this evening.

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