I am terribly sorry to bother everyone, but I sure could use some help. I am at my wits end...

I don't know if it's the imagecache profiles or anything else. I have been at this for 4 days, and i can't get it to work.

the profiles, in the social networking site i'm working on, are displaying the images that are uploaded. it is just showing the dreaded red x and the user name, with a link to the user's profile. it's not showing up when you edit the profile and upload the picture. the thing is, i was having this problem before i added imagecache and imagecache profiles.

I have followed the instructions to everything exactly, even set the image support parameters as it says. when i upload an image, i can see in the drupal directory where it is, it even changes the name, but it's not displaying on the profile or on any posts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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I'm having the same problem too. I even used imagefield as my avatar with imagecache avatar module, same problem. Its not the module I know its the problem with the images with apply the preset. Hope some one has a solution I've been stuck here for days myself.

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And me... I figured out that the picture you upload with a user is put in a different directory from where the module looks when it wants to display the picture.

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I don't know if you guys fixed the problem yet, but for anyone having the same problem there are a few things to realize before you set your images directory.

1) Under User Settings where it says "Picture Image Path" and then below has an example of "sites/default/files" it will be placing whatever you put here after "http://www.yoursite.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/preset/" if you have a preset added. So even if you tell it something else it will still go where it wants.
2) As with someone posted in my other issue, when you identify the path for the default image, don't lead with a slash like "/images/myimg.png."