Found a couple of issues with the image.module hooks_ documentation.

1. Documentation for hook_image_style_flush() makes reference to a non-existent UI for flushing a style.

2. Documentation for hook_image_style_alter() argument should be passed by reference.

3. Example function for hook_image_style_alter() is missing code. The example needs to include an 'effect callback' key in the array. It is required, and without it Drupal throws errors. The php docs for the function should probably clarify this as well.

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Here's a patch.

Regarding issue #1, I took the reference to the nonexistent UI out of the documentation, but while we were working on this issue, we came up with some good arguments to reintroduce the UI for flushing Image presets. See #700696: Add 'flush' back into image module for more info.

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I like it. Thanks!

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Nice clean-up, thanks! Committed to HEAD.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.