Given that Nodewords now includes the functionality of Nodewords_ByPath, shouldn't it also have an update script to migrate the latter's settings?


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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev »
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I'll build an update script over the weekend and will post it for prosperity.

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Status: Needs work » Active

Something to start from:

 * Implementation of hook_update_N().
function mymodule_update_6101() {
  $ret = array();
  // Migrate nodewords_bypath data.
  // Build the query.
  $q = db_query("SELECT,, rules.path_expr, url.src internal_url, tags1.meta_value description, tags2.meta_value keywords
    FROM {nodewords_bypath_rules} rules
    INNER JOIN {nodewords_bypath_tags} tags1 ON AND tags1.meta_tag='description'
    INNER JOIN {nodewords_bypath_tags} tags2 ON AND tags2.meta_tag='keywords'
    LEFT OUTER JOIN url_alias url ON rules.path_expr=url.dst");

  // Loop over all of the records.
  while ($record = db_fetch_object($q)) {
    $type = FALSE;
    $id = FALSE;
    $tags = array();

    // See if this is a taxonomy-term path.
    if (empty($record->internal_url)) {
      $ret[] = array('success' => TRUE, 'query' => "Couldn't migrate Nodeword_byPath records for '{$record->name}' with path '{$record->path_expr}'.");
    else {
      // It was a node path.
      if (substr($record->internal_url, 0, strlen('node/')) == 'node/') {
        $type = NODEWORDS_TYPE_NODE;
        $id = (int) str_replace('node/', '', $record->internal_url);
      // It was a taxonomy/term path.
      elseif (substr($record->internal_url, 0, strlen('taxonomy/term/')) == 'taxonomy/term/') {
        $type = NODEWORDS_TYPE_TERM;
        $id = (int) str_replace('taxonomy/term/', '', $record->internal_url);

      // See if the description field was present.
      if (!empty($record->description)) {
        $tags['description'] = array('value' => $record->description);
      // See if the keywords record was present.
      if (!empty($record->keywords)) {
        $tags['keywords'] = array('value' => $record->keywords);

      // If a recognizable type was found, process it.
      if ($type && $id && count($tags)) {
        // Save the record.
        nodewords_save_tags($type, $id, $tags);
        $types = implode(', ', array_keys($tags));
        $ret[] = array('success' => TRUE, 'query' => "Migrated Nodewords_byPath {$types} record(s) for '{$record->name}'.");

        // Remove the unwanted records.
        $ret[] = update_sql("DELETE FROM {nodewords_bypath_tags} WHERE rule_id={$record->id} AND meta_tag IN ('description', 'keywords')\n");
        // Only remove the main rules record if there are no remaining tags.
        if (!db_result(db_query("SELECT COUNT(meta_tag) FROM {nodewords_bypath_tags} WHERE rule_id=%d", $record->id))) {
          $ret[] = update_sql("DELETE FROM {nodewords_bypath_rules} WHERE id={$record->id}\n");

  // Clear the page cache so the node changes show.
  cache_clear_all('*', 'cache_page', TRUE);

  return $ret;

Update: fixed the tags arrays which needed to have a nested array with the tag's value.

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Status: Active » Needs work
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Status: Active » Needs work

Thanks for writing the code, and helping with this.

I am not actually sure if the code should be put on an update function, or if the code should be added in the tools page I am thinking to write. The pro of putting it in a tools page is that the users would be able to change the settings for the code, and the way the code works.

In any cases, the code you wrote is a good start, and it is all the needed code (except some changes that should be done to adapt it to the eventual tools page). I appreciate your help.

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Glad to be able to help, hope others can make use of it.

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Project: Nodewords: D6 Meta Tags »
Component: Database schema » Third-party integration

I am moving the report to the project containing the interested module.

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Project: » Nodewords: D6 Meta Tags
Version: » 6.x-1.x-dev
Component: Third-party integration » Code

This module is not maintained anymore. This feature should be implemented in Nodewords.

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The usage of Nodewords by Path has significantly dropped since this issue was filed (16 months). Previously it has reached a usage of around 2000 users, but now it's right around 600 users. Is this still worth it?

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I've offered to take over the Meta Tags by Path module to provide an official upgrade path to Nodewords: #1664280: Offer to become co-maintainer

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Status: Needs work » Active

I've been granted co-maintainer access and am going to work on the upgrade path from both sides: #1673754: Deprecate Nodewords_ByPath in favor of Nodewords

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I've updated the module's status, now to do an upgrade path.