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Type of module covered in this comparison.

  • Modules able to ban user's IP address.

Type of module NOT covered in this comparison.

  • Modules not able to ban user's IP address.

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Module Drupal
  5.x 6.x 7.x  
Blacklist Yes Yes No1 2014-Jul
Cave Your Trolls No Yes ? 2009-Nov
File ban list No Yes ? 2009-Nov
GoAway Yes Yes Yes 2011-Jan
http:BL Yes Yes ? 2009-Nov
Misery No Yes ? 2009-Nov
Troll Yes Yes ? 2009-Nov


  1. A Drupal 7.x version is planned.
  • The symbole ? means not compared yet. Feel free to compare and add your results.

Features (part 1)

Module Block
user's IP
user's IP
for a set
to a
"you've been
by IP
Blacklist ? ? ? ?
Cave Your Trolls Yes1 ? ? ?
File ban list No No No No
GoAway Yes ? Yes No
http:BL Yes ? Yes ?
Misery No No No ?
Troll Yes Yes Yes Yes


  1. When combined with Troll module.
  • The symbole ? means not compared yet. Feel free to compare and add your results.

Features (part 2) 

Module Block
user by
by DNS
Blacklist ? ?
Cave Your Trolls ? ?
File ban list No ?
GoAway ? ?
http:BL ? Yes
Misery No ?
Troll Yes Yes


  • The question mark ("?") means not compared yet. Feel free to compare and add your results.

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Andrew Vincze’s picture

Many people have good reasons to access the web through proxies, for example, journalists in hostile locations using tor.

IP address blocking is only warranted for temporary, emergency damage control. You are throwing away the baby with the bathwater.

TapSkill’s picture

IP Bans are the best we got, until something better comes along. Your logic escapes reason. What happens when we have a determined user switching proxies every few minutes? This user keeps changing his IP and e-mail address just to wreck havoc on your forum. What do you do? Do you temporarily ban or permanently ban? Temp bans are good as punishment for ignorance of rules, but when someone actually treats your site like an enemy, you need a permanent solution.

I used GoAway for a while, because it was very user-friendly, but Troll is the safest solution. It might look bad sometimes, but like I said earlier, it's the best we got. I recommend GoAway for sending specific visitors to a "you have been blocked from doing anything" page. Other than that, it's not useful. Troll's "Ban User" function doesn't work and actually poses as a security threat, but as long as you keep from using that feature, you should not have a problem with it.

GoAway can't ban IP ranges, as far as I know. Troll can, but it's not user-friendly, so you need to know a lot to use it. I hate the Troll interface and wish the developer(s) would stop scattering everything into separate pages. I also wish they could add easier tools and make it easier to get a ban notification page online. Troll doesn't allow the use of a drupal page and requires a separate html file on the server, unless you're redirecting to another site. I know why it does this (stronger security), but that doesn't make it any less annoying.

I have created and maintained countless Drupal-powered sites and have made heavy modifications to modules on a site-by-site basis. I am an illustrator, a game developer, and a web developer.

As If’s picture

@GetLives - "Troll's 'Ban User' function doesn't work and actually poses as a security threat" - Could you expand on that? I've searched the Troll issues queue and I don't see it.

BTW, I am the developer of the GoAway module. You are correct in defining its limitations. It is a small, sharp tool, to be used in the specific circumstances you describe, and only against anonymous offenders.

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computerology’s picture

Mollom I guess wasnt added to this because it doesnt specifically conduct an IP ban.

It does, however, evaluate and rate content and the creators of that content and the more you report the reason for deletion such as spam, unwanted content, flamebait, etc. the more often it will force them to enter a captcha link and the longer the captcha it will feed to them.

While Mollom does not do much with your user bans, a variety of DNS, IP, hostname, and also the content itself will become eventually associated with the user themselves, it also tracks that you blocked the user.

Not foolproof but certainly smart! I have had to block a few rather annoying and pesky users using molloms features and they have never come back on the first hit.