I'm writing this general issue to group all related topics related to views and internationalization.

As you know, there is a patch for views 3 to translate all the string of a view. Well this is not completely true, this patch provides a new kind of plugin that allow modules to translate string when they are loaded in a view.

This means that labels for tables, exposed filters, header or footers can be translated before the view is built. See #357529: Implement translation of customized 'translatable' views properties

This patch should also fix this issue: #301020: Views internationalization : translation of views title

However there another strings that need to be translated. For one side values into exposed filters needs to be translated. A filter for node types will be translated without problems, however, a exposed filter for multilanguage taxonomy terms will not be translated. There is an issue related to this topic. See #337348: Localise views exposed forms. This kind of exposed filters needs to be processed in an special way since they don't use t() to translate strings.

There is also problems with Full HTML headers, footers and empty text. Since t() doesn't allow some html tags, users can't translate headers like:

This is <div>my header</div>

A possible solution for this is implementing this in a new plugin for headers footers and empty text, however Earl Miles said that he prefers a less intrusive patch. So, this can be a opportunity to implement an "Full HTML translatable Header/Footer/Empty" from i18n. See #510284: Header/footer/empty text and more areas pluggable

Headers and footers are not the only places that need be processed in a special way. When a field is marked as "Rewrite the output of this field" users may need translate. See #555546: Translation of "Rewrite the output of this field" ?

Finally this issue #324240: Internationalization of views page paths may be implemented in several way, one possibility is creating a new plugin that expends views_plugin_display_page allowing a path per language, but this is only an idea.

So, there is a lot of work to do. I wrote this issue to see if something is missing and see if finally we can get a full translatable view with views 3.

Sorry for my english but, this is about internationalization ins't? :)


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appreciate the time spent to group the tasks into one post.
looking forward to the progress and will be helping with any tests needed.

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Me too, can't wait to test to find a solution for these issues.

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Issue tags: +i18n views

@dagmar, thanks, this is really useful. There's also this tag: http://drupal.org/project/issues/search?issue_tags=i18n%20views

So the absolute priority now is helping the views patch get committed: #357529: Implement translation of customized 'translatable' views properties

Please help improve, test, review that views patch.

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subscribing - I found http://drupal.org/project/issues/search?issue_tags=i18n%20views but this summary is very useful. thanks!

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Great to see many of the issues completed!
Any timeline for the remaining tasks? Before Drupal 7 stable is released?
Thank you

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Project: Internationalization » Internationalization Views
Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-3.x-dev
Component: Experimental modules » Code
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I have a question about what was mentioned in #0:

a exposed filter for multilanguage taxonomy terms will not be translated

I have tried to find in the issue queue where it says that it has been resolved, but I haven't be able to find it even if some issues related to this are closed or duplicated:
#337348: Localise views exposed forms
#346028: Translate taxonomy term names in Views

On a site where the terms are localized, the taxonomy terms in exposed filters are not translated. I still encounter this issue.

We use these modules:
Views 6.x-2.11 (last stable)
Internationalization 6.x-1.5 (last stable)
Internationalization Views 6.x-2.0 (last stable)

Should my problem be resolved and I am missing something?
Or it is not resolved and then, where in the queue is the issue for this problem?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi all a module suggested at http://drupal.org/node/346028#comment-1784958 works fine for me for translating taxonomy terms within views exposed filters. Perhaps this might be integrated into Views 6.x-3.x

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Finally the localization plugin got committed and even was already adjusted after we realized its initial limitations.
See here about the story:
#1008358: save_locale_strings produces different keys than translate_string

There are two limitations currently:
#1031948: Trigger save_locale_strings on views save will simplify the translation of a view. No more refresh needed.
#1031962: Add filter format support to translation layer; translate header, footer, empty text

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Just a quick note to say that the header / footer translation is nearly solved in D7, as the translations can be saved correctly, but are not yet displayed on the view page. I created a related issue where you can find more details: http://drupal.org/node/1182210

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Title: Internationalization tasks for views 3 » [meta] Internationalization tasks for views 3

Reading up on issues, but I was unable to find list of show stoppers. What can we do to help this module reach a stable release that works with Views 3?