Download zen-6.x-2.0-beta1.tar.gztar.gz 150.12 KB
MD5: 08015c0d0b040dba9721a05fc99768e4
SHA-1: 0ba78a72ff4644e6cc0180c744bb14c9e1180ada
SHA-256: 45e4e72f250e2c38d2639e250e1e71e65696117e9be53fb2f9691895bc89a495
Download zen-6.x-2.0-beta1.zipzip 185.21 KB
MD5: 95e5be445151ad990fdd0d73c6cc92bf
SHA-1: 2879ff151096bdd19c142a6ff83b98c6414ca1ad
SHA-256: ba47064dace8be4dcad31d8a389f2100189fd8b7b7b05b6eb50acd73440058fd

Release info

Created by: JohnAlbin
Created on: November 10, 2009 - 09:02
Last updated: November 10, 2009 - 09:21
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

If you have a sub-theme based off of the Zen 6.x-1.x release, your sub-theme will need considerable porting to work with Zen 6.x-2.x. The 6.x-1.x series will continue to be maintained, so its not necessary to upgrade your sub-theme to work with Zen 6.x-2.x.

  • #478134 by mithrill: Improve docs about sites/all/themes and sites/default/themes folders
  • #628070 by Aren Cambre: Change "jquery" to "JavaScript" in
  • #626868 by alefteris: Replace Bitstream Vera with DejaVu fonts
  • #624818 by Aren Cambre and Garrett Albright: Tahoma shouldn't be first font pick
  • #600344 by mgifford: Use of absolute font size in block editing links breaks WCAG 2.0
  • #546904 by Jennifer_M: List $node as available variable in page.tpl.php
  • #583716 by droidenator: Empty title can cause breadcrumbs to display incorrectly
  • #600920 by kto.3decb: Fix incorrect comment block class name
  • #624046: Replace zen_id_safe() with drupal_html_class() and drupal_html_id()
  • Renamed $closure_region region to $page_closure
  • #622324: Update page.tpl to use ideas from D7
    • Renamed #page and #page-inner to #page-wrapper and #page
    • Added <span> around site name
    • Moved #skip-to-nav styling to pages.css
    • Removed #navigation link anchor
    • Renamed div#header-inner to div.section which can be themed with #header .section
    • Renamed #main and #main-inner to #main-wrapper and #main
    • Renamed div#content-inner to div.section which can be themed with #content .section
    • Removed #content-header div
    • Added $highlight region
    • Renamed #navbar div to #navigation
    • Renamed $navbar region to $navigation
    • Renamed .with-navbar class to .with-navigation
    • Added #navigation .section div
    • Removed #sidebar-first, #sidebar-first-inner, #sidebar-second, #sidebar-second-inner and moved styles to .region-sidebar-first, .region-sidebar-first .section, .region-sidebar-second, .region-sidebar-second .section
    • Added #footer .section div
  • Added region-sidebar.tpl.php template suggestion
  • #308254: Make "skip to nav" styling more useful and less intrusive
  • #621798: Change sidebar variables to be RTL friendly and $shows_blocks compatible
  • #547696: Update node.tpl to use ideas from D7
    • Renamed $picture to $user_picture in node.tpl.php
    • Renamed .sticky class to .node-sticky in node.tpl.php
    • Removed #node-inner div
    • Added $display_submitted variable and deprecated $submitted variable
    • Renamed the .node-mine class to .node-by-viewer
  • #620794: Update block.tpl to use ideas from D7
    • Removed .block-inner div
    • Renamed $block->subject variable to $title
    • Renamed $block->content variable to $content
  • #548994: Update comment.tpl and comment-wrapper.tpl to use ideas from D7
    • Renamed comment-wrapper's h2#comments-title to #comments h2.title
    • Added $created to comment.tpl and deprecated $submitted
    • Removed #comment-inner div
    • comment div classes changed:
      • .comment-by-anon changed to .comment-by-anonymous
      • .comment-by-author changed to .comment-by-node-author
      • .comment-mine changed to .comment-by-viewer
      • .comment-published was removed
  • #311458: Search box gets disabled after arbitrary amount of time
  • Added $classes and $classes_array to all templates, not just Zen's templates
  • Renamed page.tpl's $body_classes and $body_classes_array to $classes and $classes_array
  • #564068: Views classes are missing from $classes variable
  • Simplified header, content_top, content_bottom, navbar, and footer region markup
  • Add region.tpl.php template
  • Render $edit_links_array in zen_process_block
  • #546858: Add THEME_process_HOOK functions to Zen
  • #317417 by JohnAlbin and quicksketch: Fix off-line maintenance page since drupal_get_path('theme', 'zen') won't work
  • #549798 by caroltron: page-backgrounds.css missing from .info file
  • Remove ie5.css from STARTERKIT and deprecate support for IE5
  • #547696: Update node.tpl to use ideas from D7
  • Renamed $picture to $user_picture in node.tpl.php
  • Renamed sticky class to node-sticky in node.tpl.php
  • Added $build_mode variable to node.tpl.php
  • #445814: Change primary/secondary link rendering and move secondary menu to footer
  • #445822: Simplify wrapper divs around logo, site name, slogan
  • #546862: Add D7's element-hidden and element-invisible for accessibility features
  • #547382: Rename Zen's reset stylesheet to html-reset.css from html-elements.css
  • #527494: Follow Drupal's proposed CSS coding standards
  • #480610 by kdebaas: css class .field-type-image does not exist anymore in 6.x version of the module
  • #545320 by Deslack: Use of split() generate E_DEPRECATED warnings on PHP 5.3.0
  • #542818: Using alternate layout method causes .clearfix class to disappear
  • #546828: Move tpl.php files to a templates folder in the root zen directory
  • #546792: Remove box.tpl.php
  • #513926: Sub-themes cannot reorder the stylesheets of the base theme
  • #456136: Move zen stylesheets into STARTERKIT/css
  • #544750 by kdebaas: Wrong sidebar class naming in maintenance-page.tpl.php
  • #529796: Make block edit links easier to edit/turn off individually
  • Added $classes_array variable to node, block and comment templates
  • Add layout.css in Zen's .info file to properly position sub-theme's layout.css
  • #379902: Make all stylesheets RTL compatible
  • #472694: Drupal 6.11 broke Zen's OpenID overrides
  • #375976 by JohnAlbin and Amitaibu: Flip sidebar positioning on RTL
  • #375953 by Amitaibu and JohnAlbin: Change sidebar names to be RTL friendly
  • Updated screenshot.png to use Zen logo since an actual screenshot is boring
  • Changed "or" back to "||" in node.tpl.php since themers do need to learn a little PHP
  • #254821: Sub-theme's .info file triggers incorrect "out of date" flag in update module
  • Added blockquote indent stlying
  • Removed navigation-top named anchor from page templates
  • #382598: .node div.links ruleset doesn't match html in node template
  • #452118: Removed redundant wrapper div around comment links
  • #382480 by Ognyan Kulev: #block-menu-2 should be #block-menu-primary-links
  • #374349: breadcrumb often broken when zen_breadcrumb_title is on
  • #426750: Removed Zen Classic sub theme
  • #445830: Rename clear-block CSS class to clearfix
  • #445790: Move search box to header
  • #445562: q0rban and JohnAlbin: Allow modules to declare their own block edit links
  • Added optional node-type-specific preprocess functions
  • Added notes about mobile stylesheets to
  • #200495 by JohnAlbin, caroltron, and Toe: Split up monolithic zen.css into smaller, logical stylesheets
  • #328221 by kmonty and JohnAlbin: Split up ie.css to remove CSS hacks