I'm about to add a Field permissions overview page. It will list a table of all fields defined in the system similar to the one that CCK implements in Content types / Fields. Here there will be a column that shows (with an icon) if a particular field permission is enabled for each field.

Next to the field name there's a column that list all content types where each field appears. Type names here link to the field settings form for each type, and these list include the destination argument in the query so saving the field settings form returns to the Field permissions overview page.

Also, this page implements hook_field_permissions_overview_alter($headers, $rows) so that other modules can extend this table with more stuff. For example, I'll implement this hook in the CCK Private Fields module to add more columns to this table. Side note: something similar was implemented recently in CCK: #596428: Ability to alter content type list.

function MODULE_field_permissions_overview_alter(&$headers, &$rows) {

That way all field permissions can be administered from one single location. :) ...well, I mean the ability to enable/disable field permissions. The page where this permissions are assigned to roles is still the Permissions administration page of Drupal.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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For D7 I suggest moving the summary to the field report page.