The profile has been updated to create some example content, including an instructional page that is set to be the front page upon installation. It needs to include steps for getting started using the profile, but I wasn't feeling creative enough to fill out all out when I wrote the code. I'm interested to hear from other people what sorts of things you'd include based on the things installed at installation:

  1. The catalog module with an example category and product.
  2. The Acquia Prosper theme with the Skinr module.
  3. Some default block configuration.
  4. No payment modules right now.

Anything else? I suppose this needs to include how to setup a "help" page for use in invoice e-mails or how to setup a contact page.

#3 productCSVexample.xls8 KB11Cars
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Thanks a lot for this very useful profile. I ended up with also activating 'path' and 'pathauto' modules in the profile since these are IMHO indispensable...

Basic tasks to be described on the homepage after a fresh install would be:

- setting up payment and shipping methods
- setting up tax rates
since without these you cannot walk through a complete checkout procedure, and that is the first thing I try to do...

Optionally we could describe
- creating product types and taxonomies for products
since these are also quite common tasks after creating a shop

Thanks again. Great job.


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What worked great for me was:
- first copying acquia full install,
- then copy over this the uberdrupal install,
- at last copy over this install the acquia update.

Now I am on latest drupal, with acquia and uberdrupal modules and settings!


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8 KB

Node_Import Works in May 2010!
After MANY failed attempts I got node_import to successfully import 6,100 products and connect to the underlying images.

I experienced every type of error you can find in these forums, including White Screen of Death which is the most frustrating. I searched for alternatives to node_import and could not find one. Since I cant write my own scripts (I don't know php), I needed to make this work.

If you follow this "In Order" it will work.
I am running Drupal 6.16, MySQL, Php 5.3.1 with php Memory at 128

My preferred way to duplicate this success would be as follows:
1. Download the Install Profile "UberDrupal" (6x-1x-Alpha6). Run Status report and update modules.

2. Add Modules "Date" (enable Date API only), "Advanced Help" & "Node_Import" version 6x-1.0-RC4 from (The more recent node_import Dev files did not work for me)

3. Enable Modules and run update.php

4. Download & Install "Node Import Patched by Zeevo" in post #83 of Run update.php. (DO NOT SKIP STEP 2)

5. Add "&" to "$args" on line 1842 of the file. See for details on this

6. Edit your Vocabularies to allow "Tags" and turn off "Required" & "Multi-Select" options

7. Build your CSV file with Open Office to you can use UTF-8 characters (Excel does not work)

8. Upload your desired images to /sites/default/files

9. Run node_import, work the errors out of the first 5 records and go. Note that I leave several required fields out of the csv file and rely on the default option screen. In particular, I use this for the "Published Date" field as I find getting the date format right in Open Office to be tricky.

I have attached an example CSV file for my product set. Yours will be different. For example the columns "Make / Model Search", "Make", "Model Year" and "Shot" all refer to specific vocabularies in my particular application. That said, when I was beginning this effort, I wanted to view an example and could not find one. (The upload is excel since csv files are not an allowed upload in this forum)

I hope this helps some newbie save some time. I find this community to be awesome and just want to give back in some small way.

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The install profile now seems to sniff Acquia Proper + Fusion themes & Skinr module. I just tested alpha6.

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Thanks a lot for very useful ubercart package.Because it is a complete package we don't need to take headache of separate install.
Thanks again!

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Title: Supply instructions on front page at installation » about the language
Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-1.0-alpha7

about the language. I use the 6.x-1.0-alpha7.
I try to use local module to add language, but it didn't work...

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Title: about the language » Supply instructions on front page at installation

Please open a separate issue for that. Also, I've never used Locale myself, so hopefully someone else will be able to help.

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Category: task » feature

thanks for the install profile ! awesome! simply awesome used to take up to an hour ++ to do the same with this 1 install

it would be really sweet to integrate when selecting images ...have a membership (subscription) option and use Simple access ( + roles then my friends you would have the fastest install of a easy membership / subscription site known to man :)
thanks again ! Awesome !

-- or as an idea how about adding the affiliate system right off the bat ! with the right roles + paypal info grab
i am loving this !

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It should be mentioned somewhere in the installation process that if clean URLs can't be enabled imagecache will not work, and hence the pictures for the products won't load. I had this problem but had to figured it out the hard way. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with apache 2.2.

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Excellent, complete installation in 20 minutes, great man.

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Version: 6.x-1.0-alpha7 » 6.x-1.0-alpha8
Category: feature » task
Issue tags: +ubercart drupal profile membership site

This following will simplify updating the core & contrib files when you eventually go to do that:

After uploading & decompressing the UberDrupal profile
BUT BEFORE YOUR FIRST VISIT TO THE SITE (i.e. before you start the installation)
go into the /profiles/uberdrupal/ directory and
move JUST the "modules" and "themes" folders
to /sites/all/ or where you put your contrib modules and themes.

Now you can start the profile install by visiting your index.php page.

(see Issues #1091706: Duplicated modules in profile ? and #1091908: To prevent crashes Modules & Themes folders need to be automatically moved out of /Profiles directory by the installer. for related information)

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This is the first time I use a custom profile to install Drupal. Wow! This is great, thanks! Took me 10 minutes to create a local install with MAMP.

About further extending this profile.

Say i want to add a few modules to the install, if I simply add them in proper form the the "drupal-org.make" file & unpack them in the uberdrupal/modules drirectory, will it work? Or will I break the install?

The reason I'm asking is that I often need to install multilingual Ubercarts which require its own suite of modules such as i18n.

Maybe I should just try... :-)


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