Normally the count query only runs when the view's pager is turned on. There's a fix that must have worked at some time here in #347819: How count results of one view ? but it doesn't work properly now.

The attached patch attempts to fix this by pulling the query call out of the "not empty items_per_page" check.

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This introduces a new query for every non-pager view.

Perhaps there should be a setting.

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It should only introduce the new query when the $view->get_total_rows flag is set. It's already querying when there's a pager involved. makes me believe that this was working at one point.

Normal non-pager views shouldn't have $view->get_total_rows set -- see that link above for the trick to get it to work.

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Ah ok. Thanks for it. Wouldn't it be cool, if this kind of documentation whould be somehow in views? For example make a patch to advanced help, or do some inline comments.

The patch is fine.

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Before I commit this i Just want to be sure: The only situation where this is actually broken is where items_per_page is set to 0, right? So you're always getting all results and want to know how many results were loaded?

Note that count($view->result) will provide this value in that case, without running an extra query. I'm not completely sure that we want to run an extra query to get data you already have.

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Yep, that's right. I tested count($view->result) and it works perfectly, so we definitely should not run another count query.

If the format of $view->result ever changes, then any code that depends upon count($view->result) being the number of rows will be broken.

It seems more likely that total_rows would remain a fixture in the view, so maybe the fix is just to set total_rows to count($view->result) when items_per_page is set to 0 and get_total_rows is set TRUE. That's what this new patch does.

Really nothing needs to be done -- there are just multiple ways to get the "total rows" depending on the pager settings. The Views API would be cleaner with a single way to get the number of rows.

Another option would be to ditch the check on get_total_rows and just set total_rows all the time since there's no need to run an extra query. I didn't look into the implications of having total_rows set. There's something going into the views cache, but total_rows is not used much in the views codebase.

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Title: Let $view->get_total_rows run the count query » Should $view->total_rows always have the count of total rows?

Just changing the title.

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One benefit to always setting $view->total_rows is that there would be no need to implement hook_views_pre_execute() just to set $view->get_total_rows = TRUE;.

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Ok, I think this is right.

One minor nit: The comment should specify that we're only setting this when all items were requested; right now it suggests that all non-paged-queries will be counted like that, which isn't accurate.

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Not sure if this is any better, but here's a shot at some better wording in the comment.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

Changed slightly (there's no need to check to see if get_total_rows is set, since that is only there to avoid a query that isn't run in this case) and committed to all branches.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.