After upgrading to version 5.20 I no longer have access to admin pages. In firefox the page after a while turns white and IE says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

I read from this ticket ( that I could try script the SQL database with this call: "update system set status=0 where name='update'", but am not sure if this is the correct method.

The site is working if I do not enter admin pages, however prior to the update I set the site of for maintenance.

Any suggestions on what to do?`



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I have looked further into the problem without solving it. Here is an update:

I am able to navigate around the website fine as long as I do not try to visit any /admin pages. I have checked that no files or directories are called admin. The cache has been cleared. I have disabled DEVEL. I have even tried to reinstall the current version of my drupal installation.

I firefox, when I look at the source code for the page, it is completely blank - not even a single character or space.

I was wondering if it would have anything to do with clear URLs? If so, does anyone have a good solution for this, as I do not have access to the clean URL settings (they reside under an admin URL heading, which causes another blank screen.


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Status: Active » Fixed

I guess my problem is solved, but I do not have a clue to how it was solved...

This is what I did. I found another thread that in a similar case suggested to edit the settings.php file and add "ini_set('display_errors', 1);". This caused the blank screen to disappear and after I removed the line in the file, and uploaded it once again, the problem was gone with the wind.

If anyone has an answer to this I would be glad to hear why, in case it happens again.


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Status: Fixed » Active

Correction: it turned out that the problem was not solved!!!

I was able to work around in the admin pages, but was once again informed about out-of-date modules and core files. Therefore I downloaded 5.20 again, unpacked the files, uploaded them according to the update guidelines - and instantly I was back to square one with NO access to the admin pages.

I have tried to revert to version 5.19, to edit the settings.php, and cleared the cache without any form of success.

Any suggestions are more than welcome...


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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Considering the lack of activity on this issue and that Drupal v5 is no longer supported by fixes or patches, I am going to close this ticket. If this issue still exists and you want to continue to ask for technical support, please reopen and update this ticket.