Last updated 9 August 2007.

NOTE: Not all mentors are listed yet. Drupal has committed to providing 2 mentors per student. We care about your success.

Those interested in mentoring students for SoC 2006 should join the SoC 2006 users group.

Name About
Khalid Baheyeldin A Drupal consultant, developer, and contributor. He is the managing partner of 2bits a Drupal consultancy, and has co-mentored for Drupal's SoC 2005 students.
Angela Byron A Drupal developer working for CivicSpace Labs and one of Drupal's SoC 2005 students.
Ruben Canlas Jr. A Drupal user, consultant on knowledge management and writer.
Heine Deelstra Drupal and PHP expert.
Kenneth C. Demanawa Drupal module contributor. Sysadmin and developer. From Philippines.
Robert Douglass Drupal contributor and author
Jeff Eaton Drupal contributor and maintainer of the VotingAPI module.
Bill Fitzgerald Bill is one of the founders of FunnyMonkey, a company that works with educational clients.
Gordon Heydon Maintains many modules, including HTMLArea and E-Commerce.
Mike Hostetler Drupal Consultant and PHP/MySQL programmer living in Denver, Colorado.
Thomas Ilsche Thomas is working on the Simpletest Module since the last Summer of Code. He currently studies computer science in Germany.
Nic Ivy Nic is a module contributor and a graduate student of Systems Engineering.
Mark Janssen Not yet a Drupal guru. Knowledgeable about web standards.
Sami Kahn Drupal module author.
Kieran Lal CivicSpace LLC Founder and CTO. Leads a large development team of Drupal contributors focused on community organizing with Groups, Mail, Events, Performance, and E-commerce development. Leading contributor to Drupal documentation and leading contributor Drupal user experience issues such as a new Drupal installer and Drupal administration interface.
Nick Lewis Drupal expert.
Allie Micka Works with
Earl Miles Earl is a major module contributor and the author of the Views module. He is employed full-time working with Drupal.
Peter Moulding Author of the PHP Black Book. Peter's aims are to to talk WebERP and XRMS into converting to Drupal and to sneak OO classes into Drupal.
Stefan Nagtegaal Known for being a core contributor for many years, for his distinctly un-Drupal-like themes, and for being a darn nice photographer. He is mentoring the ImageMagick proposal.
Thomas Narres Projects include PlaneShift MMORPG and his family (3 children). He lives in Germany, near Cologne.
Károly Négyesi Károly is frequent contributor to Drupal core. He leads the Drupal security team, created (ported) the current XML-RPC library, and is very familiar with the Forms API.
David Norman A module contributor and a Ph.D. student of Instructional Technology in Florida.
Sugree Phatanapherom Modules author, system administrator, and software engineer from Thailand.
Jeff Robbins Lullabot guy.
Nedjo Rogers A member of the CivicSpace Labs team. Current areas of interest include dynamic content loading and editing on the client, client-side XSL, and Drupal install/update systems.
Adrian Rossouw A Bryght guy. Original author of the PHPTemplate theme engine and instigator of the 4.7 Forms API.
Fabiano Parolin Sant'Ana Participated in Google Summer of Code 2005.
Theodore Serbinski A Lullabot Drupal architect and consultant located in Washington, DC.
John VanDyk John is a systems analyst in Iowa. He always tries to have a student or two around to learn Drupal and is writing a book on Drupal coding practices.
Moshe Weitzman Drupal guru. Maintains
Matt Westgate Matt is a co-founder of Lullabot and a core developer of the Drupal project.
Vladimir Zlatanov Sysadmin and developer. Based in Cardiff, Wales.