When I try to get this to play an mp3 file via CCK field I get this error:

300: Player initialization failed. Error: #1009

Which seems (according to this http://static.flowplayer.org/forum/1/21258 ), to be about including the control swf, but that doesn't sound right.

Could it be to do with running it in a subdomain and having difficulty with the file paths?




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Right, for anyone else missing this you also need to add the audio plug in for the player:



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In short, download all the swf files and drop them in the flowplayer 3. the version numbers don't need to be exact.

I have:




I was new to flow player but seems to be working now.

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I have the same issue over here. I have copied all the swf files to the folder shared/flowplayer3 and the player shows up but I get this error #1009.
Any Idea?

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bloke_zero is right - error 1009 happens when the player cannot find the audio plug-in, which is a necessary component to playback mp3 files.

Make sure you have the audio plug-in in your FlowPlayer3 shared directory.

You can also check your site log (Administer > Reports > Recent log entries) to look for page not found errors. This will show you what file the player is unable to find. This will also help you check that you have the right version of the audio plug-in file.

I've added this to FAQ page for future reference as this is a common step that gets missed when configuring FlowPlayer 3.

If the above fixes the problem please change status on this thread to fixed.

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I still have the same problem. I looked in the logs and, yes, I had the control.swf missing. Then I put it inside the right directory and now I don't get any error logs but I still get the #1009 when opening the flowplayer with a flv video.

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I was having the same issue as well...until I downgraded to Flowplayer 3.0.7 and it's associated plugins. Then everything worked.