what is the conflict with aegir and cpanel???
is it apache related???
if so...what if you gave each its own apache instance???
you think that would work???
i'm just curious


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Hello poeticprodigies,

Aegir and Cpanel both make changes to the system at a relatively high level - aegir has its own system username, it creates apache vhost files, its installation involves changing php.ini, installing php-cli, adding a line to the apache conf file and so on - and cpanel is likely to get confused by aegir's changes, and may even try to overwrite them when it does its own updates.

We're not saying that they absolutely definitely won't work together - just that you're inviting trouble if you do run them together. If you really want to give it a go nothing'll explode - but you are very likely to end up tearing your hair out, and having to unpick some problems. :)

To experiment with Aegir, it really is best to have a clean server just for test purposes. We'd recommend getting a cheap VPS from linode, slicehost or vps.net and just playing around for a bit until you get to know the system.

have fun with it


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Title: Aegir Conflicts » Aegir conflicts with other control panels (cpanel, plesk, etc)
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Aegir and CPanel both configure apache in very specific ways which *may* be incompatible with each other. The truth is: we don't exactly know, but we know that it's not reliable enough so that we can support that. I would guess that yes, running a specific apache server for Aegir may resolve your problem but again, we do not support such configurations.

Furthermore, cpanel is proprietary software and it is therefore not possible for us to actually look at cpanel to understand how it works. That could also expose us to patent liability issues if cpanel claim any.

In the long run, we aim to *replace* CPanel completely anyways, there's no point in running the two in parallel.

Aegir, at this point in time, relies on having full control over the server. I would love it to be less intrusive, but at this point, we do not have the manpower to support all the possible other configurations out there.

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well i wanted to do some hosting...i am leasing a dedicated server....and since aegir would be superior for managing drupal sites...and cpanel also has its own sets of strengths...i was wondering how i could get the best of both worlds....but i guess the solution would be to used OpenVZ and devide the server into VPS environments...one for aegir & one for cpanel....because i dont have the money to just keep getting servers...lol

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I'm currently trying out installing Aegir alongside Plesk on a stock MediaTemple Dedicated Virtual Host 3.5 VM. So far, so good. I've run into more problems with drush and apache than anything else. Plesk doesn't seem to be directly causing any issues yet.

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Has anyone had any luck with directadmin? It seems as if they are fighting over the vhost files. Just wondering if it is at all possible. (continuing the tearing out of hairs)

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Issue tags: +FAQ

clearly a faq

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Has anybody had any experience of using Aegir alongside Webmin/ Virtualmin?

I use Wmin/ Vmin to manage my VPS at the moment, as it's easier to manage adding a new domain, users and email accounts that way.

If I stop Webmin from managing Apache, would that solve any potential issues?

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Does Aegir has some kind of API or another way to "remote control" it? I'm using Kloxo and would like to make it interact with Aegir. At the moment you can choose between two types of webhosting software: apache and lighttpd. What I would like to do is add a third called "apache+aegir". In that third option Kloxo would only handle the DNS and mail handling for a domain, not the web server and mysql. In fact switching it to that would then cause aegir to be installed automatically on the given server (Kloxo allows multi server support).

This is all what I imagine would be possible in theory, but I am not an Aegir user yet. I wonder if anybody can respond to this and find errors in my reasoning. Is the above scenario possible at all with Aegir?

Alternatively would there be a possibility that allows billing software like WHMCS to remotely control Aegir through an API? Client orders, WHMCS confirms payment and set up an account in Aegir.

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How can I configure a site with aegir using " create virtual server" from virtualmin?

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Title: Aegir conflicts with other control panels (cpanel, plesk, etc) » Aegir working together with other control panels (cpanel, plesk, etc)
Version: 6.x-0.3-rc4 » 6.x-1.x-dev
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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

It is not currently supported and unlikely to be in the near future. It is mentioned as such in our FAQ. Please don't reopen old tickets.

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No conflicting Control Panels
Other popular control panels such as Plesk, cPanel etc, are designed to manage all aspects of Apache configuration and other areas that Aegir also is intended to be used for.

Running Aegir alongside such control panels is not supported and very likely may cause you problems or difficulties installing or running Aegir. Filing bug reports that are caused by interference by another control panel will likely be closed unless the problem can be fixed without causing problems for other Aegir users. Proceed at your own risk!

Source: http://community.aegirproject.org/node/389#Review_System_Requirements