We are currently working on a packaging script for which is using libraries module. It would be tremendously helpful for us if we could get a tag on 6.x, as it helps us packaging stable releases.

A 6.x 1.0 alpha 1 or 6.x 1.0 beta 1 would do the job.


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The bawstats module is also using Libraries API - an alpha tag would be great!

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was looking at using this for the getid3 module but i'm reluctant if there's not a stable release.

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Also note that dev releases can not be used with Drush Make for d.o packaging.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Sorry for letting all of you wait. I've published a first pre-alpha for community consumption.

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This module is such an promising enhancement, thank you for keep working on it!

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sun, much appreciated for an official release!

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I'm asking myself how we could get a bit more drive into Libraries API development... I need a couple of people that are interested in diving into this area, to solve all of the known challenges -- from which there are *a lot*, and that's also the reason why there has been no progress here thus far.

I'm not even asking for code or patches, only some people to discuss vision + problems.

You know. The original issue that still lives in Wysiwyg's queue, #320562: Libraries API, which triggered all of this, was only able to trigger all of this, because there have been a lot of people that expressed their ideas, but were also open to discuss to the problems. Most of those do not even know how to design APIs or writing proper code. But that's also not required, because handling of libraries is a very complex and diverse challenge that comes with many hidden problems, which need to be ruled out and clarified in one's brain first. One of the few cases and project phases, where code is silver, and talk is gold. already contains a couple of issues that need to be fleshed out to move forward with the entire project.

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