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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:43

Release notes

Version 5.2.8
- #418174 Timestamp format should not be run through date_limit_format().
- #473308 Add handling for year-only date stored in timestamp field.
- Fix date_limit_format() to be sure the 'T' is stripped out of ISO dates with only date or only time.
- #369020 Switch '+1 Sunday' to 'First Sunday' to over PHP5 bug.
- #315443 Make sure 'within' labels don't break when used in text fields.
- #381370 Remove escaping for colon and double quote per ical spec.
- #456460 Break out simple themes for date_display_single and date_display_double for easier control by themers of separator and other html.
- #384258 Fix broken handling of 24 hour time in Date Popup.
- #401152 Fix broken handling of long month name in input format.


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