Aiming to use Case Tracker to aggregate tickets from external issue systems (eg Trac, Redmine, BaseCamp) via RSS.

Currently Case Tracker doesn't have support for the FeedAPI Mapper module, which means that while we can import nodes of type "Case" via FeedAPI, we can't automatically specify the project, priority, component etc for the node to be as represented in the RSS feed.

If CCK fields are added to the "case" node type, those fields are available to FeedAPI.


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It could be solved by an another processor (for the example of the node processor) also.

I'm also interested in this, so I'll come back here if I have something to show.

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Sorry for the waiting. I created the project: Feed Element mapper integration to casetracker.

By tomorrow there should be a dev release, until then you can check out the cvs.

(I just quickly put this together, it's possible that I messed up something.)

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This issue affects importing cases via Node Import as well. Default Project cannot be specified, and must be done so at the database level after the import...

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Closed a duplicate of this under #846992: Links to external trackers

It did have a nice link to a Launchpad help page about this topic.

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Added the launchpad example link.

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