Autchcache owns any mid submission forms when cron is run due to it's form cache (form_cache) getting completely cleared with a cache_clear_all(null,'cache_form') (system.module's _cron job calls) since there's no expiration check unlike core cache_clear_all, which ignores cache_form entries with valid expiration times.

I'm not familiar enough with authcache for any suggestions around this, but it's very problematic. When CCK goes to get it's multiple fields... long story short, it's making the field completely disappear: (issue in cck issue queue about it )


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Thanks for pointing this out. I believe I've resolved this in beta7. Cache Router: #266588: Obey "expire" value on cache_clear_all(), like Drupal core

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Thank you! I don't think we'll have time to test this (time low; we ended up disabled authcache a few days ago), but hopefully others can. But thanks you for fixing it!

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