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The Contact form blocks module makes your site-wide contact forms available as Drupal Blocks.

Using this module you can show your contact forms at any place where you can show a Drupal Block. For instance you may add a contact form to the right sidebar of your website which should be shown at every page. Or you want to add another contact form (aka category) to a certain node only. Add the contact form block to the content region and use the Block visibility settings to hide it from all pages but that special one.


Drupal's contact module must be enabled.


Get the module from Copy the contact_form_blocks directory to the module directory of your site and enable it via Administer > Site building > Modules (“Other” section).

To modify the width of the input fields you have to add something like this to your CSS rules:

div.block-contact_form_blocks input[type=text] {
  width: 95%;

Prepend this rule by any CSS selector like div.left-region to limit it to the left sidebar for instance.


Create at least one site-wide contact form category at Administer > Site building > Contact form.

Now for every contact form category you get one block at Administer > Site building > Blocks. Use the visibility settings at the block configuration to show the block at one page or some pages only or use other settings there.

If you don't want all Contact form categories to be shown in the site wide contact form you can switch them off at Administer > Site configuration > Contact blocks.


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I would like to add my organization's address and phone number to the Contact Form. How can this be accomplished?