A 100 char limit is being imposed on the 'Path to the main gallery folder:' text input field. Picasa RSS feeds typically go 110+ chars. The example on the module description pages instructing how to post Picasa reed links as the file path even clocks in at 117 chars:


I couldn't find any thing in the config settings to override this and, in a trivial attempt, I tried to circumvent the maxlength on the input field via jQuery:


This did reset the maxlength attribute value, but as you'd expect Drupal enforces the maxlen on the backend.

Am I missing something obvious?



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I have the same issue. Would love a fix!


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Thanks for reporting. It was not a problem when using [bg|...] tags, but indeed it posed a problem for the default gallery when using Picasa.

Fixed in 6.x-3.4!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.