This module allows users to add certain nodes to a favorite list. Each node has an "add to favorites" link at the bottom. This favorite list is visible to others viewing the site.

The admin can specify which type of nodes are allowed to be added to favorites by users.

Integration with views provides the following features:

  • Filter for current users (my favorite nodes).
  • Filter for all nodes that have been added to favorites by any user.
  • A filter on the date/time the node was added to favorites.
  • A sortable field showing the date/time the node was added to favorites.
  • A field that shows how many users have added the node to favorites, useful as an indication for popularity.
  • An argument that allows filtering of Favorites nodes for a specific user. This is useful to show "editor's picks" and such type of lists.

Installation and Configuration

To install this module, follow the instructions in the included README.txt:

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