Tendu is gaining popularity, and unfortunately I was short on time and haven't touched it for months now.

I know that there are some quirks and sharp corners here and there and I really want to take Tendu one step forward and make it more developer-friendly.

Some of the features and fixes I had in mind (with some requests from the issue queue):
- Revisit the sub-theming of Tendu, create an option to use the default design without the need to use sub-themes.
- Create some more "out-of-the-box" basic themes
- Add some options for non-standard layouts
- Add an RSS icon + a theme-settings option to disable it
- Restructure the CSS to reduce the confusion when people try to change the basic layout options (fixed/flexible width, full body height etc.)
- Documentation - Well... create some.

Please, add your suggestions here.

BTW - I don't have time or will to maintain the D5 version of Tendu. Any volunteers?

Tom B.


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As reported to you long ago, I think a demonstration of a multi-column display would help a lot in estimating the design.
atm, it shows a lot of blocks with a full-width, which doesn't look very pretty (or attractive)...

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Hi, just installed the Tendu theme and practising how to change some css. And yes; it's the theme I like and can work with!

First, Mozilla was giving a grey background instead of the white of other browsers. It appeared that there was no background colour specified in the Tendu style.css.

Then giving different colours to different columns was not already prepared, like some other issues can be activated and are already prepared by guiding text inside the style.css.

Then I wanted pictures to stretch the full width of the screen, depending on all kinds of screens that people have. The code was not in the style.css. Part of the code I found here:
And another part someone told me so I integrated (one of the postings is my feedback). Please also see the complicated method to put a special code edit in the Drupal picture-block in order to get this working.

Can you add these issues to the style.css, so they will be there with an upgrade? I think some issues are quite general, although my column width and colors could go in a separate css. I don't know; how does that work? Is there a standard personalised file that isn't erased on upgrade, that is called from Tendu? If that file is called upon but non-existing, it won't be erased on upgrade when I create it.


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I had some severe errors with the module Quiz 6.3.5; not sure if its unrelated to Tendu or the changes I'd made:


(even after getting rid of these errors, most admin pages show up after the data of the left column, leaving a lot of white first in the middle column; this might be unrelated to Tendu, but you know best how to interpret this info)

Then on small letters, the titles are not changed enough and are overlapping; part is falling away.

Also I couldn´t find how to change the size of letters of the first and second side column individually

To get the stretched picture banner working, I had to ignore Tendus banner option and to make a banner in blockswith the aditional stretching code and put that on top of the blocks.

Maybe a very sophisticated option: I like NOT have the whole (full stretched) banner tick-able to go to the homepage, but like to put some tick-able options (small text/buttons) ON TOP of the banner, exactly on x,y places where I like them.

Furthermore I had an error that didn't go away that two times the multilingual icons were showed, untill I had to reinstall everything and found out this was an option hidden inside tendu...

To perfectionize: think it comes with OpenPublish (or OpenMedia); the separate customer theme is already as an existing option under the admin/build/themes

And yes; I like this theme most!