When displaying a Panels page with "Disable Drupal blocks/regions" selected from the Panels "Advanced Settings" Simply Modern still displays the blocks/regions (the panel layout is only applied to the content area of the page). I've tested the pages in another theme (four seasons theme) and it correctly displays the Panels page (removing the blocks/regions when the Panels page has "Disable Drupal blocks/regions" selected).

Is there something that can be done to allow Simply Modern to remove the blocks/regions when the Panels setting is set to "Disable Drupal blocks/regions"?

Thanks for any help/insight you can give on this.



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Me too facing the same problem.

Very much trouble without working this.

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For this theme(for both 6.x-1.4 and 6.x-1.5),

Look at the function template_preprocess_page in includes/

Replace the line

if (!(!$variables['show_blocks'] && ($region == 'left' || $region == 'right'))) {


if (!(!$variables['show_blocks'] && ($region == 'sidebar_left' || $region == 'sidebar_right'))) {

it works fine.

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Great - thanks for your help on this!


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Its usefull and work, and not only for this theme. I tried to my custom theme (with custom region names) and this was the fix. Thanks

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