first of all thank you for your incredible update for your Genesis theme. Its less complicated to modify it to my needs than other starterkits.

But I found a small problem: The sidabars are not displaying corretly in my case. They should appear to the left and right of the main content but on my demo site they are displayed below.
I used the original Genesis_SUBTHEME for this without any modifications.

Do you have any suggestions for this?

Thanks in advance,


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Untitled-1.png50 KBculfin
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Title: Sidebars displaying below main content » Themer module replaces the genesis layout body id breaking the layout

Appears the themer module uses it own body ID, replacing the genesis layout id on the body tag. Frankly I never use this module so I was not aware of this feature of the module.

I will need to look into this, perhaps to see if the themer module really needs that id (maybe it does to work its magic).

For now simply disabling the themer module will rectify the problem. Thanks for the screenshot, that helped a lot.

Thanks for the feedback also:)

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I was able to work around this by hacking the Theme Developer module js, to place the id and class on the html element rather than the body, this seems to be working without issue.

I have attached a zipped up version of devel_themer.js, you can drop this into the Devel module and it should work no problem, you may need to clear some caches or disable/re-enable the module etc.

Please note that using ID and CLASS in the html element is not valid XHTML, and its possible it might not work in every browser. I use Firefix3.

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Thanks a lot for your help. :-)

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Component: Subtheme » Code

Any chance we could see a more permanent resolution to this issue? I was kinda scared when I turned on the themer module and things were jumping around...

[Edit: Seems like posting also changed the 'subtheme' tag to 'code' - ah well.

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Version: 6.x-2.0-beta2 » 6.x-2.4

Updating to latest version.

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Category: bug » feature

Yeah, I'm gonna change how the theme works and use a class instead of an id, problem solved. Just need to catch some time to update a few things, fix a few bugs and come out with a new version.

This is really a feature request since the theme is not at fault, the module is modifying the theme, not the other way around.

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Awesome - thanks for the status update... and, of course, it's okay to take a bit of time ;-)

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I, too, had the exact problem described by the other posters. However, examining the Modules admin page showed that I already had the Devel module and its associated submodules disabled. I had tried this feature briefly, but decided I didn't want or need it.

Upon taking a closer look at things, I saw I had enabled a module called Block Theme. As soon as I disabled the Block Theme module, my sidebars worked perfectly and everything was fine!

I guess that whatever the Devel module does to wreck the theme is replicated by the Block Theme module.