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Database: MySQL or PostgreSQL
Other databases are not supported and could result in unexpected behavior. MariaDB being a form fit and function replacement for MySQL seems to work fine.


- Install as you would a normal module
- A default storage class and container are created when then the module is installed.

Container Configuration with S3 via Settings.php

If you need to configure containers via code. You can now do so using settings.php. Caveat is the container must be created in the UI first to create the storage ID numbers in the database. Refer to #2325149: Allow configuration management through settings.php for details about how this works and the use-case.

An Example:

 * Storage API settings
 * Key would be container ID as appears in storage API config. Note that this
 * only makes sense for a specific type of deployment with predictable IDs. This
 * use case happens to be one of them.
$conf['storage_api_container_settings'] = array(
  '1' => array(
    'path'     => 'sites/local/files/somewhere',
    'base_url' => 'sites/local/files/somewhere',
  '2' => array(
    'access_key_id'        => 'ACCESSKEYHERE',
    'secret_access_key'    => 'SECRETKEYHERE',
    'bucket'               => 'mybucket',
    'cname'                => 1,
    'reduced_redundancy'   => 0,
    'cloudfront'           => 0,
    'cloudfront_streaming' => 0,
    'location'             => '',
    'url_lifetime'         => 3601,


Project page

Important Notices

If you are currently using CKEditor module (version 7.x-1.16 or earlier) and have upgraded to Storage API 1.8 and are experiencing problems. The issue revolves around the CKEditor module.

Here is the issue to reference in the Storage API queue:
#2499135: Nested storage_core_bridge_storage_access Function Call
Here is the problem in the CKEditor module queue and a patch to fix it:
#2437749: Infinity bucle in some cases in ckeditor_file_download

The fix was included in CKEditor 7.x-1.17.

Using File Streams

To use this module with some third-party modules that do not use the core file processing. You will need to install Storage API Stream Wrapper

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.