I'm receiving reoccurring duplicate entry errors in my Drupal log which say the following:

Duplicate entry 'blog/2009/03/16/blog-title' for key 'dst_language' query: UPDATE url_alias SET src = 'node/45', dst = 'blog/2009/03/16/blog-title', language = '' WHERE pid = 557 in /drupal/modules/path/path.module on line 100.

I've looked at the code around the line the error is referring and it appears the path.module should be deleting the existing path if there is one and creating a new one. However the error is correct in saying that there is a duplicate entry. For nodes that I receive this error on there are more than one entry for the same node with same "src" and "dst" values but different "pid" values. I'm not sure what could be causing this, nodes still save fine and can be viewed at the specified path fine but I'm sure there shouldn't be duplicate entries in this table. Any help?


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A user just reported the same issue.

I see he was getting it at:


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same error as above:

user warning: Duplicate entry 'blog/articolo-posizionamento-it' for key 2 query: UPDATE url_alias SET src = 'node/5', dst = 'blog/articolo-posizionamento', language = 'it' WHERE pid = 21 in /var/www/tourtools-drupal-6/modules/path/path.module on line 100.

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Also getting a similar error:
Duplicate entry 'scientific-reports-and-research-links-' for key 2 query: INSERT INTO url_alias (src, dst, language) VALUES ('node/54', 'scientific-reports-and-research-links', '') in /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/httpdocs/modules/path/path.module on line 112.

To note, under URL Aliases, I have "Create a new alias. Leave the existing alias functioning." selected.

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a similar error is happening here when bulk changing the "published" status via /admin/content/node:

user warning: Duplicate entry 'volltextdigitalisierung-de' for key 2 query: UPDATE url_alias SET src = 'node/138', dst = 'volltextdigitalisierung', language = 'de' WHERE dst = 'volltextdigitalisierung' in /usr/local/www/drupal/modules/path/path.module on line 108.

Greetings, -asb

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same warning and i have too " Create a new alias. Leave the existing alias functioning." selected

it seems that's perhaps a pathauto module bug

and possibly and path module bug too :-)

there are two patches in this node


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This issue is being caused by something that Drupal 5 did properly. The path that you were attempting to make was already in that table. The main problem is that the module is not catching it and throwing you back to the edit page to make changes, which I believe is how it worked in drupal 5

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The same error.
Google Administrator Tools always tell me there are repeated urls in my website. So I have to forbid this function.

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It's an old bug that still exists in path.module coming with Drupal 6.13.
See http://drupal.org/node/269877
It can be fixed by this patch
(just a couple of lines to change - you can edit the path.module file manually).

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Why hasn't this patch been included in the Drupal 6 core yet?

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Looks like a duplicate of #269877: path_set_alias() doesn't account for same alias in different languages. Please help test the patch there ;)