This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Sands is an attempt to create an all-purpose, drop-in replacement, "generic" theme like Bluemarine. It has design attributes taken from's proprietary Bluebeach theme and friendselectric.

Sands uses tables for layout to maximize browser compatibility. If you want an elastic, source-ordered, 3 column CSS layout, take a look at Sands_CSS.

Some features:

  • Higher contrast colors, underlined links, and relative font sizes
  • Novel styling of node information, comments, and block menus
  • Semantic XHTML, heavy use of CSS
  • Segregation of style information, including an easily-modifiable colors.css containing all color and background image definitions
  • Designed in mind to be easily modifiable to create your own custom themes
  • Uses many subtle gradiented background images to create a "smooth," more high-contrast look
  • Uses Mark James' Silk CMS Icons for emphasis on selected links
  • Uses the PHPTemplate theme engine.

Project Information

  • Maintenance status: Unknown
  • Development status: Unknown
  • Downloads: 1,011
  • Last modified: 27 November 2014
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