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Tagadelic produces a word cloud using your data. You work out a way to tag or categorize data then pass the data to Tagadelic. Tagadelic creates the cloud.

Tagadelic can use data from Views through Views Tagadelic. If you are a Views user then forget feeding Tagadelic through the Tagadelic API, dive straight into Views Tagadelic. People without Views experience should learn Views first to get an idea of the range of data you can choose using Views.

Do you want your users tagging stuff? Community Tags adds community tagging and feeds into Tagadelic. Community Tags records individual tags by user which is a processing and data storage overhead. You might want to avoid the overhead.

Extra information gives you more flexibility and it increases the processing code. You can use an existing module to calculate the cloud contents then feed Tagadelic or write your own module. You can read about creating your own module in the Module developer's guide.

Tagadelic configuration

Tagadelic sort order

  • by weight, ascending
  • by weight, descending
  • by title, ascending
  • by title, descending
  • random

Determines the sort order of the tags on the freetagging page. The default is by title, ascending.

Amount of tags on the pages

The amount of tags that will show up in a cloud on the pages. Amount of tags in blocks must be configured in the block settings of the various cloud blocks. Defaults to 60.

Number of levels

The number of levels between the least popular tags and the most popular ones. Different levels will be assigned a different class to be themed in tagadelic.css. Default is 6.


The module creates a block named Tags for the current post and you place the block somewhere on your page using the administration blocks page. The block has configuration settings.

Block specific settings

Block title: Override the default title for the block. Use to display no title, or leave blank to use the default block title.

Tags to show: The number of tags to show in this block.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Installing Tagadelic in D7 I get warnings.
My solution

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@ Chord1 - "My Solution" link is not working....

Question - Views Tagadelic doesn't have a 7.xx release yet - i'm using Views so can i still use Tagadelic going through the API? Any link to see the steps to make that work?