Download zen-6.x-1.0.tar.gztar.gz 374.93 KB
MD5: 334c0a648b2e1b5f80e9e5e0754869a4
SHA-1: a0251c5d2bbc9adb937b66f3187cd923f6ff736a
SHA-256: 72b671dc3199b5552b6b9279af23d996bc6c1555a0947bf16aeee9d05cc9c875
Download zen-6.x-1.0.zipzip 396.29 KB
MD5: bc97bde5441e7487b6c0917297ea91df
SHA-1: 6cce37f953b7e0d2866249a8bf7da723d2f01341
SHA-256: ce0a934753be809c01590f2eeabdff0be4e9d2fc70292f3cbd0506bcc9013410

Release info

Created by: JohnAlbin
Created on: February 13, 2009 - 20:05
Last updated: February 13, 2009 - 20:05
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • #342004 by Amitaibu: Add css hint to prevent cramped-looking tables
  • #290657: Liquid layout does not have min-width enforced
  • #329769 by kmonty: Update zen_id_safe to remove underscores
  • #275832: hook_theme implementation breaks maintenance page when database is down
  • #362104: layout breaks on Zen-themed maintenance page
  • * Changed "or" back to "||" in template files since themers do need to learn a little PHP
  • #346867 by debonator: navbar-inner is missing the "clear-block" class
  • #325610 by Garrett Albright: Site name and logo don't link to frontpage on multilingual site
  • #281106: Erroneous whitespace when div.clear-block touches bottom edge of viewport
  • #365631: Zen's table-styling-fix breaks update module's styling
  • #322480 by grendzy, mr.baileys, Bevan, and JohnAlbin: Make registry rebuild warning less obtrusive
  • #325630: Broken link in "Theme registry rebuilt" warning when Clean URLs is off
  • #324104 by JohnAlbin and dalin: Broken block editing link for Views 2
  • #365205: block editing link doesn't work with Menu Block 6.x-2.1 and later
  • #308251 by Garrett Albright: Improve icon placement on status, warning, and error messages
  • * Added $body_classes_array variable to page template
  • #343945: Fix zen_breadcrumb_title setting to use proper menu_get_active_item()
  • #279896 by lutegrass: Help prevent double H1 tags on homepage that is not /node
  • #310507 by MikeyLikesIt: Footer region not output in Zen Classic
  • #347195: Remove theme registry fix that was needed for broken Drupal 6.0 - 6.6
  • #346706 by jsaints: Content clipped after page one when printing in Firefox
  • #311529: Remove core's page-ARG0 body class, leaving zen's page-PATH
  • * Simplified body class generation code
  • #334956 by hansrossel: Remove no-longer-needed fix for "Flash of Unstyled Content in IE"
  • * Fixed theme settings CSS for IE6 users
  • * Added Photoshop file for STARTERKIT screenshot
  • * Added Photoshop file for messages
  • * Allow easier CSS rule overriding by including THEMENAME.css file last
  • * Fixed message styling in Zen Classic
  • #308957: html-elements.css not enabled in STARTERKIT
  • #288213 by budda: Tabs in IE have a text select cursor rather than hand pointer
  • #310818: Auto theme-registry rebuild warns themer multiple times