This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides the ability for site admins to track clicks on their site such as advertising campaigns and newsletter click throughs.

The clicks are organized into groups, so ad campaigns can be tracked if they involve more than one node.

It works by displaying a special link (such as click/123/2) on each node. This is only visible to the admin or other users who have special privileges.

This contains the node id (e.g. 123) and the group id (e.g. 2).

The admin then uses this link externally (e.g. for advertising or newsletters). When visitors click on that link, the database is updated with daily, weekly and total clicks.

Each node will have an extra tab that displays detailed clicks. There is also an overall click report under admin/logs.

Installation and Configuration

Please see the README.txt file included in the download of this modules.


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