This module provides light-weight subscribe/unsubscribe functionality for mailing lists running on a Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager. It provides:

1) A simple administrative page for specifying mailing lists that the site will support.
2) A simple page for users to subscribe or unsubscribe from lists.
3) The Mailman server does not need to be local to the same server on which Drupal runs, but if it is, the module can use the 'sync_members' utility of mailman to synchronize all members of a Drupal role with membership of a mailing list (requires Drush).

In short, this module is not a management utility for Mailman. It simply provides mechanisms for allowing users to subscribe or unsubscribe to a mailing list.

Quick Usage Instructions

To add a mailing list, use the administrative menu and navigate to 'Configuration' -> 'Mailing Lists' and click the 'Add a Mailing List' link. Visitors to the site can use the 'Mailing Lists' link in the Navigation menu to subscribe or unsubscribe to the lists if they have permission.

Changes Since Drupal 4 version

This module is under new management since Aug 21, 2014. Previously this project provided a Drupal 4 compatible version that was maintained by peterjohnhartman and was called the Mailman Mailing List Management Wrapper. The Drupal 4 version was designed to be a wrapper around the command-line interface (CLI) of Mailman. The goal was to provide an interface to create, manage, delete, etc. mailing lists. This new Drupal 7 version does not fully support the full command-line interface of the Mailman server as the Drupal 4 version was intended to do. The primary goal of this new interface is to support subcription/unsubscription to lists. However it does support use of the Mailman CLI to sync list subscriptions with Drupal roles if desired.

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