Moving the statistics out of the admin pages allows site administrators to make them public using permissions. A lot of sites, however not the majority, have made their statistics publicly available. Permissions could be set to make the statistics private by default and we could create a permission for each type of statistics, so admins can keep the more sensitive information to themselves.

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Title: Move statistics out of the administration pages » Move statistics out of the administration pages and add permissions
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Just figured "Why not now?"

The attached patch moves the statistics pages out of the admin pages. To list the items below 'Statistics' (a new menu item) I changed node_add_page() and theme_node_add_list() (and moved them to so they can be used for general purposes, as a replacement of D5's MENU_ITEM_GROUPING. Any menu item can simply call menu_list() with a class as the only parameter (to allow for more flexible styling) and it automatically returns a list of all its children.

Permissions for the statistics pages are yet to come.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)
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Why, if I may ask?

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