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This is a simple topic/answer module.

An user with the correct permission, usually an admin or a moderator, posts topics on a web site. These are normally questions. The user creating the node determines how many answers each user can enter, and how many days the topic will remain open. Users with the appropriate permissions then answer the topic. They can also edit their answers, as long as the topic is still open....

After the defined number of days have passed, the topic and answers are formatted in an email and sent to the user who posted it, with the profile fields of those who answered it (first name, last name, city, state/country).

The email is formatted to 72 columns, and the HTML tags are stripped.

Topics can be closed by the admin any time, before the specified number of days have passed.

Although the current implementation is specific to the requirements of one client (they wanted the results collated and emailed), I am releasing this module because it can be a building block for more functionality.
For example, the answers can be "graded/rated" online, and the best answers published on the topic after it is closed. Many other variations are possible.

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