I installed this module, and tried to test it, but no matter what, I always fail the test and gives me this error message:
The reCAPTCHA code you entered was incorrect.

I am sure I am human, and I typed the correct stuff in there.

Anyone had this?


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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-1.1

I have it.

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I have the same problem.

On this page, where I just installed the module, no matter how many tries, it always fails:


But on this page, almost always the first try works:


Seems like many others have same issue: http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/puramu/recaptcha-becoming-recraptcha-23789

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I have the same issue, anyone who solve this?

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Priority: Normal » Critical

I have exactly the same issue, however, I think the problem is with the CAPTCHA (see http://drupal.org/node/354520) module.

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I gave up on reCaptha and switched to mollom


Just too many posts out there saying the same thing -- that recaptcha puzzles too difficult or impossible to solve.

Have you ever tried to listen to the audio version? It sounds like ghosts at a seance. Impossible to understand one word.

I hope they solve the issues because it is crucial to stop spam.

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I had the same issue. In my case problem has been solved by installing captcha 6.x-2.x-dev , see also http://drupal.org/node/354520

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Category: support » bug

Hi All,

I am still having issues. If I switch to Math Captcha it all works fine. As soon as I enable re-captcha, the problems start. I have re-captcha on the user login page which dosn't do anything. i.e. leave it blank and it will still log you in. But for every other page, contact, registrations, etc. it dosn't work and just comes up with:

The reCAPTCHA code you entered was incorrect.

I have always liked recaptcha and the principles behind it, that you are helping someone else out, but this is an ongoing issue that has been present for quite a while. Is there any update on this?


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Ok, it kind of went away for me.

What I did was sign up for a brand new key, previously I used a global key. This seems to have solved the problem...

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Okay, will give that a try.


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The log tells me this:

Message user_register post blocked by CAPTCHA module: challenge "reCAPTCHA" (by module "recaptcha"), user answered "", but the solution was "1".

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I was having this problem as well and it went away when I got a new key and checked the "secure connection" box.

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Can also confirm that I had this issue and registering for new keys on the recaptcha site fixed the problem.

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Version: 6.x-1.1 » 6.x-1.5

+1. New keys from recaptcha.net solved this annoying issue.

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I am having this issue on www.mouseproducedgames.com - I have never been able to log in, and the website owner (when I've had the opportunity to speak with him) has been wondering why no one has logged in to his site!

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Having this issue as well, but new keys do NOT solve the problem for me.

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updating to the new captcha module 6.x-2.4 solved the problem for me.

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Can confirm, new keys solved the issue, but only when I deleted and recreated keys for "all" sites I had enabled.

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This is also happening to me with freshly generated keys.

@adraskoy -- which 6.x.2.4 are you referring to? I don't see that among the available packages.

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@aacraig : the current version:


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@adraskoy : oops, I was looking at the reCaptcha project page, not CAPTCHA :S

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I was able to fix this issue simply by toggling the secure connection option off.

Edit: My issue was probably related to #1124950: reCAPTCHA uses a new HTTPS API URL, considering toggling the HTTPS off made it work perfectly. Google is probably not redirecting the old secure API URL that this version of the module is using.

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Hey i am also facing this issue .
Each time i write correct code but it replies all time "Invalid Token".
Any suggestions.

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[quote]user_register_form post blocked by CAPTCHA module: challenge "reCAPTCHA" (by module "recaptcha"), user answered "reCAPTCHA", but the solution was "1".[/quote]

Tried changing it to the "secure connection". I am using the localhost:(

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Check your private key.

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Log in to recaptcha.com and generate new key. Copy and paste. That fixed it for me..

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I tried changing to a new key and that didn't work. Is there any way to change the distortion that recaptcha actually uses?

As it never really looks like http://www.google.com/recaptcha

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Title: The reCAPTCHA code you entered was incorrect. » The reCAPTCHA code you entered was [is always] incorrect.
Version: 6.x-1.5 » 6.x-1.7

Hi! I'm having the same problem. I grabbed new keys from recaptcha.net, but that didn't solve it.

BTW, I find it unnerving that anyone can grab keys for any website... I hope that the old keys are still valid!!! Otherwise this represents a significant quality of service issue...

Anyhow, new keys from recaptcha.net did not solve the problem. Infact, the new keys were the shorter than the old keys!

HOWEVER, I tried with the normal Math Captcha too, and that also failed, every time.

Then I tried it in different forms, and in the USER REGISTER form, it worked without a hitch (both math and reCAPTCHA), but in the shopping cart it failed miserably.

I can't understand, to be honest. I'd guess it's a problem with the CAPTCHA module, not reCAPTCHA.

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Yes, if Math isn't working, it is probably a problem in the CAPTCHA module.

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Version: 6.x-1.7 » 7.x-1.8

FYI this can also be caused by the server not being able to connect to the google API.

I think it needs to be able to connect to (at least some of) these urls

define("RECAPTCHA_API_SERVER", "http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api");
define("RECAPTCHA_API_SECURE_SERVER", "https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api");
define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", "www.google.com");
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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

This thread has become unfocussed: I don't think it is actually about any one bug. I am closing it. If you are still having problems, please open a thread specific to your issue.