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Most module developers are very reluctant to have more than one node referencing a given file. The issue seems to be that the current (pre-D7) file-handling code in core doesn't give backward references, so a module can't tell if it's safe to delete the file or not when a given node is deleted.

Apparently core file-handling code may have changed to some extent with D6, but in practice, image-handling modules have yet to actually allow a direct link between one image file and multiple nodes.

Asset module is somewhat of an exception, and both the D5 and D6 versions handle this by tracking the Asset-managed files independently of the nodes referencing them; although the files are tracked by fid in the files table, they are all assigned to a non-existent node (number 0), so in fact there is no such thing as a "containing" node (see File-to-node relationship for more info).

Currently there is no one module that will help manage files that are "owned" by other modules. For example,WebFM only works with a set of files that it manages exclusively.

It is possible that these issues will be improved with the file-handling enhancements currently being developed for core D7; see also the examples of "killer features" page for some ideas along these lines.

So far these developments are just a new "framework for developers", and their capabilities have not yet been fully documented for non-technical users. If you want to do further research, here are some links to get you started:
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