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Similar / Relevant by term is based on the taxonomy terms assigned to content. Blocks are available based on similarity within each of the defined vocabularies for a site as well as a block for similarity within all vocabularies

Feature Similar By Terms Relevant Content Related links Similar Entries Featured Content Relevant Content Bean
No. of sites currently using the module 7,881 1,194 609 3,229 2,420 105
Drupal 7.x
Drupal 6.x
Last update 2012-Nov-14 2011-Aug-23 2013-May-25 2013-May-25 2015-Jan-04 2012-Dec-19
Documentation README.txt README.txt README.txt README.txt project page post
Demonstration demo demo site
Architecture term-based term-based term- & content-based FULLTEXT search-based query-based bean/term- & content-based
Multilingual support ?? ?? ?? ?? Yes No
Caching Yes ?? ?? Yes No (work in progress) No
Additional database tables 2 0 ? 0 0 0
Services provided
Translation template supplied
CCK Field
Views Integration


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also check out taxonomy quick find- this module uses ajax to find content and divides results into content types, you can configure multiple blocks and select which content types to use in each one.

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To my knowledge few modules (or may be none) is compatible with node access modules meaning it shows a link in the block even if the node is not accessible to reader.

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As far as I know none of these modules have the option to determine the sort order of the related nodes.

Sometimes it's convenient to sort by title, importantce or creation date.

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Update: Fixed with Relevant Content 5.x-1.4 and Relevant Content 6.x-1.5.

Relevant Content currently does ignore node access restrictions. That means your node title will be displayed in the block generated by Relevant Content even if it is not supposed to be visible to the current user.

The issue can be followed at

Besides that it is a great module!

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Every registered Drupal user can update the handbooks. A few pages are slightly more controlled due to the content, but you are welcome to join the Documentation team to get the limit removed. Then please let the appropriate module maintainer know that this page is here so they can fill in the cells and even to add rows that are special to them.

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How about adding Views to this list. I'm not sure about the first Views but with Views2 on Drupal 6.x I believe you can create blocks just like the Similar Content and Relevant Content blocks. In fact, Views allows for even more flexibility in the block display.

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Nice explanation of how to do just that here

Potentially the best of the bunch as it exposes all of views' customization settings.

DamienMcKenna’s picture

Building this using Views also gives the flexibility to easily modify it, e.g. to add support for a node reference to allow some nodes to have a custom-added list that's shown above the rest.

Damien McKenna | Mediacurrent

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The Drupal article that nwe_44 mentioned really is a fantastic explanation of how to list content with the same taxonomy term(s). To be honest, using Views 2 makes many of the other modules listed here obsolete.

I feel that any related content module that wants some longevity should be looking for advanced implementation of relating content: such as a scrobble-like (Lastfm) module which is based on several factors, not just simple taxonomy.

I'd really like to see an advanced related content module that takes advantage of the power of Views 2, and in addition adds more factors for "strength of relatedness" between nodes. Perhaps that also incorporates the Recommender API ?

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I think the module "Similar Entries" doesn't belong here as it's based on MySQL's FULLTEXT index (i.e. search-based)

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I have just contributed the Featured Content Module because, unfortunately, none of the modules above came close to meeting the needs of my client. I welcome feedback on it and am willing to add more features if they make sense. More details and screenshots are here:

Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites:

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I was looking for a module that shows similar nodes based on title or body and found this:

It is important that this one has views support, while the others dont...

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@Giorgio, have you ran Similarity?

Could you share a working view with us here, please:



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This table could use some information about the theme-ability of the output of these modules.

For example, Relevant Content can only display a list of node titles. There are plans to improve this in the next version.

No idea about the others.

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I have plans to add Views integration to Similar entries in the second version along with CCK support. Actually, most of the development on the Views integration in 6.x is done, but CCK support is still in the works as doing FULLTEXT searches on CCK fields is a bit more complex than that.

I don't have access to edit this node, but here's a rundown of the missing parts:
- Drupal 7: In development
- Architecture: FULLTEXT search based, as mentioned. But terms may also be used as filters, and obviously that will be more so the case when a Views integrated version is released. That just gave me a thought, I wonder how well a view with Similar by terms and Similar entries arguments would work.
- Caching: Currently standard block caching per page or per role
- Additional tables: 0
- CCK: No CCK field is planned, the module will be supported by views instead. But support for comparison on CCK text fields is being developed as mentioned.

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I installed Meta tags quick version 7.x-2.4 and Featured Content and made block for Featured Content to be shown below content but it didn't work. home page worked fine without any problem but accessing nodes was not available and it got me errors. I don't remember the error now because i installed it on a production website and i disabled Featured Content fats to fix the website. But as i said, it didn't work together. Other members please try it and inform if you faced such problem too that maintainers fix the problem.
Just for information, i installed Similar By Terms module and it works fine with Meta tags quick.

Kristen Pol’s picture

Did you report an issue? I don't remember seeing one.

Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites:

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I was hoping in D7 the modules will work for similar users block sine you can add terms to profiles but they don't.

Kristen Pol’s picture

That is a good idea but probably best to use Views.

Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites: