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Many sites have a links page of one form or another; these modules attempt to address some of the problems with links pages. These modules have similar functionality but their structures are quite different. It is unlikely that they will ever merge.

Feature Links Web Links Userlink Link
Drupal 7.x 1.0
Drupal 6.x -dev available
Last update 2013-Sep-30 2015-May-12 2013-Oct-19 2014-Nov-6
Documentation README.txt Handbook
README.txt Handbook
Demonstration demo
Architecture term-based term-based (optional)a term-based
Additional database tables 3 1 1
Services provided
Multiple vocabularies Yes No - only one used at a time. Yes
Classify entries using taxonomy Required Allowed, not requireda
Check link validity
  • 301 update optional
  • unpublish on error optional
  • assign to alternate user on user delete optional
Maximum link length supported 16,384b 16,384b ? ?
Click tracking
Using "goto" redirect method
Commenting on entries
Feature blocks
  • Top
  • Blogroll
  • each term
  • Recent
  • Random
  • Unpublished
  • Popular
  • My Links
  • Contributors
  • Related links
  • User's links
  • All Links
  • My Links
  • Recent Links
  • Popular Link Categories
  • User's Link Categories
Security Drupal core Drupal core Drupal core
Settings Yes Yes, maybe too many. Yes
Links page description
Show page ranking ? ?
Show empty terms/groups with optional "invitation" text
Content filtering optional add-on
Displays rankings optional add-on for Google PR and Alexa traffic rank
Themeability ??
  • Drupal core node theming
  • Independent themeing for all feature blocks
  • Independent themeing for all parts of a link
  • Multiple CSS files
  • Drupal core node theming
  • CSS file gets included.
Taxonomy Image support
Image Attach support
Translation template supplied
Conversion function suppliedc Yes N/A No
Allow private links ? planned ?
Change content type name
SyncPlaces ? XBEL ?

a Weblinks currently will use the core Taxonomy module, if it is available, however the module works fine without classifying links.

b This is limited solely by the database implementation of the "TEXT" type.

c Web Links provides conversions from Links, Janode, and LinksDB.

This module grew out of the old 4.6 Weblink module, which is still included with the package.

There is a specified road map for the Links package, but it seems to be slow in coming. Many parts of the package are not yet implemented.

The maintainer has been asked to update this.

Many, if not most, web sites have some kind of links page. These are often hand-coded and quickly fall into disrepair. Site users can usually not submit links to be included, except through email, and they may never show up. The Web Links module takes care of all of these problems.

Web Links are nodes, with full node features (including Views). The module produces a "catalog" of all of the links in user-specified formats that can be customized to the admin's design. With appropriate permissions, anyone may be allowed to submit links that can be included immediately, or after the admin approves (publishes) them. And the module may optionally be directed to verify the continuing validity of the links, identifying those with problems, or even unpublishing them. The module may also update a link that has been redirected (301).

Click tracking is now available, and there is a "Popular Links" block to go with it.

In addition to displaying a links page, the module provides an administrator overview page. There is a variety of blocks available. There are many options for theming the output and there are three CSS files for examples.

A conversion program from the Links, Janode, and LinksDB packages to Web Links package is available.

This module is approaching the ability to become an API, and is being looked at for changing to that. The long range goal is to be based on CCK and Views with an API and add-on modules to extend the functions.

The Link module provides a link field type for site builders who want to have a link field in an entity.

The maintainer has been asked to update this.

Userlink was designed to be a small, simple module for maintaining links. It is tied a bit too tightly with taxonomy in regards to the custom blocks that it provides, but taxonomy is not a requirement.

Ideally, Userlink will go away soon. It has only gotten upgraded to 5.x and 6.x because folks have provided patches to upgrade the thing. The Link module provides a CCK field URL, and it probably makes sense for all of these modules to migrate towards using it. If the 6.x patch for Userlink to do a straight upgrade hadn't been so good, the project would have eventually moved towards a CCK/Link/Views implementation.

Who wants to merge projects? Web Links seems to be the most popular, but it is loaded up with code. Can we join forces, simplify the base modules, and make it easy to extend? With CCK and Views and having a node-based "web link" there should be very little need for specialized "Web Links" only add-ons.

Janode Design

Request for participation in the Janode issue queue.

LinksDB Design

This module is deprecated in favor of Web Links. A conversion function is available.


Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


syscrusher’s picture

The Links Package has been recently updated, and is under very active development as of December 2008. Some of the information shown here is outdated due to this recent release. Both are good modules that excel in different features, and both are continually improving.

NancyDru’s picture

Scott, you are welcome to update this page with the new info - I encourage you to do so.


rmiddle’s picture

marcp, (User Links)

Web Links is already pulling code out from the main module and migrating them to add on's to create a smaller more limited base module and lots of add on to handle more complex operations. We welcome the help if you want to help us out.


Duplika’s picture

Do you know if any of these modules can check if rapidshare links are up and notify the admin if they aren't?

NancyDru’s picture

I don't know for sure, but if it presents to the web as a regular link, Web Links should be able to. If you give me an example, I can find out easily enough.

espirates’s picture

The links package includes a weblink module, is it the same as web links?

NancyDru’s picture

While they are similar, the one in the Links package is an outgrowth of a module written for 4.6, and with little change since then.

toitimhcm’s picture

where is your links exchanged on your site, i'd like to ex this

NancyDru’s picture

There is a row labelled "Demonstration." If the module has a demo site, that's where you will find the link.

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Input filter has been changed so anyone can edit the page!