When trying to edit (clicking on an image) images I get a resulting javascript error when using the latest Chrome v58.

Failed to execute 'setBaseAndExtent' on 'Selection': There is no child at offset 1.

After investigating, it looks to be the same issue some Wordpress Users are having https://github.com/tinymce/tinymce/issues/3611 and looks to be fixed in version 4.5.4 https://www.tinymce.com/docs/changelog/#version456-march302017

The workaround at the time seems to be to use another browser, but who want's to do that ;)

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NicholasS created an issue. See original summary.

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Found the specific commit in TinyMCE where this issue was patched. https://github.com/tinymce/tinymce/commit/3d03c182bc48982a206283a9f40d0f8c1d3164e1 but since this is fixed in tiny 4.5.x it's not exactly a 1-1 match.

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Here's some patches for testing. One is against the WYSIWYG module to force it to use the non-minified version of TinyMCE, and the other is for TinyMCE.

These patches work for me, but we'll need to figure out how to get them into Panopoly.

We need to get a better TinyMCE patch that modifies the minified source code to really use this, although, I worry that'll include the full TinyMCE source code if it's minified to one line :-/

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I forgot to say above:

Thanks, @NicholasS, for finding this bug and tracking down the commit that fixed it for TinyMCE 4! Without that PR, I couldn't have made my patches :-)

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Ok, here's a new TinyMCE patch which doesn't need the WYSIWYG patch. I'll follow-up with a .make file patch next, and we can try unpinning Chrome 57 on Travis (per #2869464: All Chrome tests failing with "Could not open connection: An unknown server-side error") and see if the tests pass

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Here's the panopoly_wysiwyg patch

EDIT: Here's a build on Travis with Chrome 58 https://travis-ci.org/dsnopek/panopoly/builds/230887986

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Here's the patch to the main repo to unpin Chrome

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I've tested this with Chrome 58 on our child distro, both on Travis and manually, and it's working great.

  • dsnopek committed bca5342 on 7.x-1.x
    Update Panopoly WYSIWYG for Issue #2876031 by dsnopek, NicholasS,...
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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed. Thanks, Everyone!

  • dsnopek committed bca5342 on 8.x-2.x
    Update Panopoly WYSIWYG for Issue #2876031 by dsnopek, NicholasS,...

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