What is content_type.js? This is javascript for the node content editing form. Now it contains one behavior for setting summaries on content type form (display selected options in side vertical tabs):
Demonstration work content_type script


Looks like content_type.js is a small file with a big potential for improvement:

  1. A different way to collect selected options in different tabs. Example:
    // '#edit-workflow'
    // '#edit-language'
    $('input:checked', context).next('label').each(...

    This led to the following issues:

    In #2849100-10: Spaces shown before commas in publishing options contains a patch with one of the possible approaches to make processing more universal. But in #2849100-15: Spaces shown before commas in publishing options different point, because #edit-submission has only title, and it can be simplified. But there is no guarantee that in the future this tab will not have more options. In short, everything is complicated :)

    In addition to an extra space, this also leads to other hidden problems, like #2086981: "Publishing options" vertical tab summary includes #description. Yes, this can not reproduce for Bartik, but can reproduce for Seven on Content Type page :)

  2. By the way, it seems oddly that in Bartik script works on Create Page too, while in Seven it is works only on Content Type.
  3. Script use tag names, like input, label:
    $editContext.find('input:checked').next('label').each(function () {
    but the drupal standard assumes the use of data-* attributes. See #2849100-66: Spaces shown before commas in publishing options.

    Also, maybe the script can avoid some id selectors. See #2346799: Replace #ID selectors for data-drupal-selector attribute.

  4. Heterogeneous syntax. Watch the context:
    $context.find('#edit-submission').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {
    $('#edit-language', context).drupalSetSummary(function (context) {
    $editContext.find('input:checked').next('label').each(function () {
  5. Tests, of course :) We have already a ton of tests in #2849100: Spaces shown before commas in publishing options. But it is not easy to create the ideal solution and not go beyond the scope of the "extra space" problem :)
  6. Your points here.
  7. Proposed resolution

    Find the right way and implement it.

    Remaining tasks

    Improve it as much as possible.

    User interface changes

    API changes

    Data model changes

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