I did a review of a port of D8 version of taxonomy_tooltip and helped port glossify to D8. I doubt that taxonomy_tooltip and glossify should coexist.
Atm glossify is in the lead imho. It has better html parsing for matching words, supports multiple vocabs and vocabs per filter, where taxonomy_tooltip supports 1 vocab globally.

Architectural question is if glossify D8 needs to support node-data to build tooltips, as de D7 version does. This is a key difference. In my opinion its irrelevant, since in D8 both are fieldable entities that can display and handle in flexible ways.
related: https://www.drupal.org/node/2767927#comment-11837387


keesje created an issue. See original summary.

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After a chat with the maintainer of taxonomy_tooltip we decided to proceed with development of one Drupal 8 module under the taxonomy_tooltip namespace. See https://www.drupal.org/node/2838456#comment-11867099 see comment #3

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As it stands now, plans are to make glossify the base framework for tooltip modules like taxonomy_tooltip. See https://www.drupal.org/node/2838456#comment-11875614 and https://github.com/dripl/d8-glossify-taxonomy_tooltip.
I would appreciate WorldFallz reply on this before we proceed further!

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I answered via email, but you're right we need to keep this conversation here, lol. So I'll summarize my suggestions for organization.

I personally hate to modules with hard dependencies, and which cannot exist apart from the dependency, being a separate drupal.org project.

Since node_tooltip and taxonomy_tooltip will never be usable without glossify, and since glossify is such a cool namespace lol, I personally recommend organizing everything under glossify with submodules:


I'm happy to add the co-maintainer of taxonomy_tooltip for glossify if they'd like.

What ya'll think?

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Ok, so the re-structuring in multiple modules cool to you, but you have second thoughts about splitting it up in different projects. I dig that and like the suggested renaming of the submodules.
My thoughts:

  • Drupal 8 is designed like this (depending/extending) all the way. for example: glossify implements a filter plugin > depends on core filter plugin manager > depends on symfony base classes.
  • All in 1 project vs multiple would split vs merge releases and issue queues. Pro's and cons there.
  • The glossify namespace, cool as it is, does not describe its functionality. I see it more as a "brand" name. As such "taxonomy_tooltip" is probably better found on both google as d.o search.
  • There is a risk for new module namespaces to collide with the "hidden" submodules, though the renaming mitigates that.
  • All in 1 project will probably result in a more focussed, integrated approach.
  • It's a small effort for someone to restart the taxonomy_tooltip module if "we" abandon it.

Would appreciate Arie's response on this.

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Hi all,

apologies for my delayed response. I totally agree on merging the projects. Looking at the arguments, I favour WorldFallz' approach with a base and submodules for the same reason. I share the frustration of complicating dependencies between separate Drupal projects. I agree with Keesje on the namespace. "taxonomy_tooltip" is the more descriptive of the two. It would be cool if you could pick your own tooltip JS library too. For practical reasons I chose for Tooltipster but a free choice would be better IMO. A flexible template could back this up maybe.

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ok, if the consensus is to merge taxonomy- and node- based tooltips in 1 module, then taxonomy_tooltip falls short as namespace: no-one expects node-based tooltips there. So if Arie agrees lets proceed with glossify as world suggests and abandon taxonomy_tooltip for D8 development. OK?

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You're right, I forgot about node tooltips. Makes sense so OK by me.

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I dont have permission to add maintainers to glossify. @WorldFallz: would you please add nieuwkar as maintainer?

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The 8.x-1.x-dev release is available!

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Excellent! It love it when open source works as it should. Welcome aboard nieuwkar -- you're a maintainer now! I look forward to trying out the d8 version.

Thanks guys, this is really great!

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interested in this!

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