When exporting views via Features, the 'remember_roles' entry contains a row for each role on your site. On a site with 200 roles it is not necessary to store 200 lines of zeroes - the 'remember_roles' array is array_filter()ed before use anyway, so we can filter it before saving and therefore only export the selected roles.

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What is the point of remember_roles? It appears on every filter, even ones that have nothing to do with roles, and it remembers old roles that no longer exist, e.g.:

62 => 0,

Where 62 is a role that was deleted.

In every filter it appears on, the only key with a value is 2:

2 => '2',

Where 2 is the role ID of authenticated user.

I don't understand what it's meant to be saving. I can see nothing in the filter settings that it could be referring to.

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Ah I found it. When you check 'Remember the last selection' there is a hidden field that becomes visible. I don't know why it needs to export all this junk, mostly zeroes and out-of-date values, when you export a view.

Edit: deleting it from your view export doesn't seem to affect it, so it isn't needed at all.

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This works if you save the view after applying the patch. It would be nice if the exporting did this but I can't be 100% if we do that generically and don't know how to target specific options to alter their export output.