Note: This issue is part of #2721129: Workflow Initiative and is only meant for planning and governance sign-offs. Work will happen in child issues of this plan.

This phase will leverage the new archive and purge API and implement a new experimental module called Trash which gives the ability to "undo" or "restore" the deletion of content entities.
See Trash module for current implementation in contrib.

Sign-offs needed

Product manager

A product manager needs to sign-off on this plan as the above phases are required as part of a planned initiative.

Framework manager

A framework manager needs to sign-off on this plan as the above phases introduces major API additions (archive and purge).

Release manager

A release manager needs to sign off because the scope and impact of the work are significant for core.

Sub-system maintainers

The sub-system maintainers for the Entity API needs to sign-off on this plan as it significantly impacts the Entity API.

Sign-offs given

  • Product manager - pending
  • Framework manager - pending
  • Release manager - pending
  • Sub-system maintainers - pending


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Has there been any discussion about how to manage expectations for config entities?

Right now if you delete either content or configuration you know it's gone forever. With trash module, you can restore content, but config the behaviour is the same.

Since deleting config results in both the deletion of other config that depends on it and/or removal of configuration from other configuration objects, restoring configuration would be close to impossible - we could do things like configuration snapshotting (i.e. export config A, make a change, import config A again which undoes the change), but that's very different.

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@catch No, we haven't thought anything about that yet. Perhaps we should add that as a challenge to be resolved in #2725449: WI: UX prototypes for Trash module.

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Project: Drupal core » Drupal core ideas
Version: 8.3.x-dev »
Component: entity system » Idea

Moving this to Drupal core Ideas project as this issue is for the roadmap/plan for the trash module and it only needs the signoff from product manager and release manager other than patches.

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