For people trying to get familiar with the code, it would really help documenting the helper functions according to the drupal coding standards.

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marcoscano created an issue. See original summary.

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This is not exhaustive, I have checked only the .module file.
(solved also some other minor CS nitpicks along the way)

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The last submitted patch, 2: improve-docblocks-2783183-2.patch, failed testing.

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patch no longer applies

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I will post the new patch with improved documentation.

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This comment looks strange for me

/** @var FieldDefinitionInterface $field */

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Here is the rerolled patch for updated documentation.

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Looks good we are close to the coding standards fixes :)

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As mentioned you earlier in previous issue about the patch name.Consider it unless you are bypassing the drupal ci on every patch. it would be hard for us to reupload it, however its fine for me b/c I test patches on my local dev box but consider the standard approach that we are using.

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